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Experience the Marvels of Empires Past in Ethiopia

As the cradle of civilization, Ethiopia’s time-honored culture, architecture, religion and archaeological wonders commingle with modern cities to form a rich, diverse tapestry waiting to be explored.

Lalibela's extraordinary rock-hewn churches give way to Axum’s palace ruins and monuments. Meanwhile, the Simien Mountains harbor an array of exotic wildlife, including distinctive gelada baboons. Observe the significant, 3.2-million-year-old Lucy skeleton firsthand, or wander amid medieval castles and churches in Gondar, learning the secrets of Africa's Camelot. Cruise Lake Tana — source of the Blue Nile — where time-honored papyrus tankwa (reed boats) bear a striking resemblance to the vessels of Ancient Egypt.

Whether you hike to the majestic Blue Nile Falls, peruse the bustling markets of Bahir Dar, see museums rich with artifacts or visit where the Ark of the Covenant is purportedly kept, travel to Ethiopia is unlike any other place on earth.


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October - May
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ET +8 hours
Addis Ababa Bole (ADD)

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