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Discover a Biodiverse Island Paradise Secluded Well Off the Beaten Track

Madagascar may be one of Africa’s best-kept secrets. Known to only the savviest of travellers, this island paradise captivates guests with its kaleidoscopic blend of distinctive landscapes and rich biodiversity. Madagascar’s visitors encounter an epic bounty of pristine beaches, azure reefs, lush rainforest, vast desert canyons and soaring mountains — often all in the same day. Its waters teem with rays and turtles, sharks and whales — while a myriad of exotic species unique to the island roam the land.

A&K’s long-standing relationships in Madagascar ensure plenty of unique insider access moments, including wild encounters with the island’s iconic lemurs. Indigenous to Madagascar and the Comoro Islands alone, these nocturnal primates exhibit a variety of curious behaviors, including singing and strutting. A&K guests gain privileged insights into these charismatic creatures, learning about their distinctive markings, advanced social behaviors and nuanced classifications from their expert guides.

Whether it’s an active rainforest adventure, tranquil beachfront escape, or anything in between, Madagascar is best explored on a Luxury Tailor Made Journey from A&K. Many of our gusts find a visit to Madagascar makes the perfect prelude or epilogue to a larger Southern Africa safari, affording ample opportunity to relax, dig their toes in the sand, or take in the region’s iconic wildlife.

No matter how you choose to travel, A&K transports you in unparalleled luxury with unmatched service.

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May - November
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ET +7 hours
Antananarivo (TNR)

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