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Reasons to Go

7 Reasons to Cruise the Northwest Passage

Reasons to Go

7 Reasons to Cruise the Northwest Passage

From spectacular landscapes to indigenous remote tribes to breathtaking wildlife, here are seven reasons to cruise the epic Northwest Passage.

By Nina Kokotas Hahn, A&K Staff Writer | December 4, 2018

Home to rarely seen Inuit tribes to wildlife not found anywhere else, epic mountain landscapes and iceberg-laden seas, the rarely-transited Northwest Passage is an Arctic adventure for the most intrepid of explorers. With A&K, cruise this rarely-transited passage from western Greenland to Nome, Alaska, following the footsteps of the world’s greatest explorers.


Northwest Passage Boat Achieve Holy Grail

Achieve the holy grail of polar exploration

Luring explorers for centuries, the Northwest Passage was only just conquered in 1906 by Roald Amundsen. On A&K’s voyage, trace highlights of his route and pay reverence to less fortunate explorers on Beechey Island, a place of safe harbor and peril for Sir John Franklin and his crew.

Northwest Passage Changing Landscapes Smoking Hills

Discover spectacular landscapes

From Greenland’s fast-moving, UNESCO-designated Ilussat Icefjord and the iceberg-studded Uummannaq Fjord to the combusting phenomenon of the “Smoking Hills” in the Northwest Territories, feast your eyes on geological wonders found only in the far north.

Northwest Passage Inuit Community

Meet with remote Inuit communities

Spend time with the enduring cultures that have long coexisted with the wild passage. Among the highlights are an experience with Ulukhahtok’s rarely visited Inuit, who offer a warm welcome, drum dances and a feast at the shore.

Northwest Passage Wildlife Puffins

Experience wildlife in its true domain

In the Arctic, a responsibly piloted expedition ship offers one of the most incredible vantage points from which to see polar bears and their cubs hunting on ice floes. Count belugas, puffins and the rare narwhal among the other remarkable animals you may see.

Northwest Passage Expedition  Team

Explore with real-life Arctic experts

Increase your odds of being in the right place at the right time when you sail with A&K’s deeply experienced Expedition Team, an extraordinary team of real-life explorers ranging from scientists to Polar Medal winners to native Inuit and Canadian Arctic lecturers.

Northwest Passage Adventure Luxury 6

Adventure in total luxury

From selecting the ideal vessel — and restricting its guest complement to an intimate level — to cherry-picking the most seasoned and ethically responsible staff and crew, every aspect of our exclusively chartered voyage defines unrivaled luxury in the Northwest Passage.

Northwest Passage Embark Expedition

Embark on a real expedition

Expedition cruising is an adventure into the unknown. No two voyages are ever the same, nor would we want them to be. Backed by the latest technology, an agile and expertly designed itinerary, and renowned leaders at the helm, expect a truly one-of-a-kind voyage to the Northwest Passage.

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