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Meet Your Luxury Expedition Cruise Team

Cruise Directors

  • Sally Escanilla - Assistant Cruise Director Sally Escanilla
  • TS-Carter Paul Carter
  • Geraldine (JD) Massyn - Naturalists & Zodiac Drivers Geraldine “JD” Massyn
  • Natasjha Horn Natasjha Horn
  • Deborah Langford Deborah Langford

Expedition Leaders

  • Suzana Machado DOliveria - Expedition Leader Suzana Machado D'Oliveira
  • Dr Marco Favero - Expedition Leader Dr. Marco Favero
  • brad climpson Brad Climpson
  • Stefano Tricanico Stefano Tricanico
  • Chris Srigley Chris Srigley
  • Steffen Graupner Steffen Graupner

History Lecturers

  • Rob Caskie - History Lecturer Rob Caskie
  • Rusell Potter Russell Potter
  • Mark Brazil - Natural History Lecturer Dr. Mark Brazil

Marine Mammal Lecturers

  • Lucianoa Motta Luciana Motta
  • Hella Martens Hella Martens

Ornithology Lecturers

  • Dr. Patricia Silva - Ornithology Lecturer Dr. Patricia Silva
  • Rich Pagen - Ornithology Lecturer Rich Pagen
  • Adam Walleyn - Assistant Expedition Leader Adam Walleyn
  • Pepper Trail Dr. Pepper Trail

Geology & Climate Ecology Lecturers

  • Dr. Jason F Hicks - Geology Lecturer Dr. Jason F. Hicks
  • Jim McClintock - Climate Ecology Lecturer Dr. James McClintock
  • Wayne Ranney Wayne Ranney

Culture & Special Interest Lecturers

  • Simon Rickard - Japanese Gardens Lecturer Simon Rickard
  • Mike Stevens - Musician & Speaker Mike Stevens
  • Luxury Expedition Cruise Culture Lecturer Aya Louisa McDonald
  • Lord Chartres Richard Chartres (Lord Chartres)
  • Marjoie Williams Marjorie Williams
  • Bart Pilgram Bart Pigram
  • Dr Reed Scherer Dr. Reed Scherer
  • Shirley Campbell Dr. Shirley Campbell
  • Luca Zavango Luca Zavagno
  • Leslie Qammaniq Leslie Qammaniq
  • Christian Haas Dr. Christian Haas
  • Filitsia Bouzioti Filitsa Bouzioti
  • Nellie Nilsen Nellie Nilsen
  •  Dr Ron Wixman Dr. Ron Wixman
  • April Burt Dr. April Burt
  • Anna Lena Ekeblad Anna Lena Ekeblad
  • Andres Hernandez Salazar Andrés Hernández-Salazar
  • James Parry James Parry
  • Ketut Cariasa Ketut Cariasa
  • Josiane Di Giorgio-Teamotuaitau Dr. Josiane Di Giorgio-Teamotuaitau
  • Jack Thatcher Jack Thatcher
  • Gemma Jessy Gemma Jessy
  • Andy Laidlaw Andi Laidlaw

Photography Enrichment Coaches

  • Michelle Valberg - Photo Enrichment Coach & Nikon Ambassador Michelle Valberg
  • Andrew Coleman Andrew Coleman
  • Mark Harris Mark Edward Harris
  • Renato Granieri Renato Granieri
  • Richard Harker - Photo Enrichment Coach Richard Harker
  • Nicole Dreon Nicole Dreon

Young Explorers Guides

  • Kristin Wornson - Young Explorer's Guide Kristin Wornson

Naturalists & Zodiac Drivers

  • Cobus Kilian - Naturalists & Zodiac Drivers Cobus Kilian
  • Russ Manning- Naturalists & Zodiac Drivers Russ Manning
  • Agustin Ullmann - Naturalists & Zodiac Drivers Agustín Ullmann
  • Pete Clement - Naturalist & Zodiac Driver Peter Clement
  • Richard Escanilla - Naturalist & Zodiac Driver Richard Escanilla
  • Helen Ahern - Young Explorer's Guide Helen Ahern
  • Dr Frederique Olivier Frederique Olivier
  • Juan Pablo Seco Pon Juan Pablo Seco Pon
  • Silvia Furtwangler Silvia Furtwängler
  • Mike Messick Mike Messick
  • David Reid David Reid
  • Mike Murphy Mike “Murf” Murphy
  • George Lake George Lake
  • Tom Hiney Tom Hiney
  • Osi Shahaf Osi Shahaf
  • Ronny Marie Ronny Marie
  • Mike Beedell - Northwest Passage Exploration Lecturer Mike Beedell
  • Keith Nyberg Keith Nyberg
  • Renate Hvedding Helene Renate Hvedding
  • Eide Knut Eide
  • Morten Joergensen Morten Joergensen
  • Tove Sandblost Tove Sandblost
  • Russell “Rusty” Kelaart
  • Angel Grimaldi Angel Grimaldi
  • Alice Forrest Alice Forrest
  • Matt Boyle Matt Boyle

Tour Managers

  • Lynne Greig - Assistant Cruise Director Lynne Greig
  • Alicia-Rojas2 Alicia Rojas
  • Arthur Diaz Arthur Diaz
  • Kelsey Simmons Kelsey Simmons
  • carin Clevidence Carin Clevidence
  • Molly neill Jones Molly O'Neill-Jones
  • Agustina Agus Rios Agustina “Agus” Rios
  • Mia Kentrota Mia Kentrota
  • Irene Kentrota Irene Kentrota
  • Marketa Ceska Marketa Ceska

Get to Know A&K’s Expedition Team

Spend time with the inspiring real-life explorers at the head of every A&K luxury cruise.