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May - October
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Explore the World of Genghis Kahn

Untamed and untread, Mongolia enchants with wide-open plains, friendly and proud people, and the lore of one of the world's greatest empires. With A&K, explore this stark, sparsely populated land which feels unchanged from the days of the great warlord Genghis Khan.

Mongolia's landscape is striking and rugged, dotted with timeworn Buddhist monasteries and crystal-clear lakes. Upon the vast expanse of the rolling steppes and Gobi Desert, nomadic herdsmen - nearly half the population - still live in gers, and as an independent traveller with A&K, you too can overnight under the stars in Yolyn Am in a traditional luxury tent. Meet Mongolia's herdsmen as well throughout the journey, learning firsthand about an ancient, rare way of life.

With three offices in nearby China alone and expert guides who know local culture inside out, only A&K can reveal Mongolia in comfort, style and peace of mind.

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