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Travel to Morocco

Engage with a Culture Immersed in History

Travel back to a slower time of aromatic mint tea in cool courtyards and sun-drenched bazaars overflowing with handmade jewelry and colorful tagines during an A&K Morocco luxury journey. With a history stretching back nearly 10,000 years, Morocco has been crisscrossed by Roman legions, Berber caravans and Muslim scholars. The country's great cities - Marrakech, Tangier, Fez and Rabat - offer a delicate balance of ancient traditions and modern-day conveniences.

A&K seamlessly blends Morocco's rich culture with 21st-century comforts to reveal the country's heart and soul. Experience A&K's signature insider-access moments on every Morocco luxury journey, be they a sunset camel ride or a cooking class with a Moroccan chef. Lodging is also a delightful adventure with A&K, whether you overnight in the Sahara in an exclusive tented camp or stay in Morocco's most well-appointed and romantic riads (traditional courtyard houses).

With A&K's expert guides, learn the histories of Morocco's ancient cities, discover ornate monuments to religious devotion, relax on a sunny beach or savor one of the most diverse cuisines in the world. Morocco offers it all, and more.

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Casablanca: Mohammed V International Airport (CMN)
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