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Luxuriate in a Tropical Haven

Isolated and luxurious, this archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean is a dream getaway. Gorgeous, white-sand beaches and sumptuous resorts combine to create an atmosphere of pure indulgence.

In the middle of nowhere, yet close enough to East Africa to make a superb add-on to an A&K safari, Seychelles resorts are among the most lavish in the world. They include spa villages surrounded by lush landscapes, and spacious suites with terraces overlooking sun-drenched beaches. Amenities are sumptuous, with sundeck beds and private plunge pools. A&K knows where to find the best.

Cuisine and culture are a unique blend of Seychelles' many inhabitants. Cuisine is a mélange of African, European and Asian. Music and dance are fusions of at least eight cultures, with fascinating Moutya, a traditional Seychellois dance, often performed on the beach.

Seychelles' capital of Victoria is a sophisticated blend of outstanding restaurants and unique artist galleries. On the edge of town stands the oldest landmark in the islands - the Bel Air Cemetery, which holds the remains of figures such as the mysterious Pierre-Louis Poiriet, claimed by some to be the son of Louis XVI.

After a thrilling A&K East Africa safari, sink into a slower pace and indulge yourself in the lap of luxury. Create your own tailor made journey of a lifetime.

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