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French Polynesia to Easter Island Expedition 2023

14 days

Limited to 199 guests

Embark on an adventurous expedition into the heart of French Polynesia with opportunities to dive deeply into the region’s unique history, spectacular marine environments and UNESCO-designated gems. Led by A&K’s celebrated Expedition Team, snorkel the sapphire waters of the Tuamotu archipelago — the largest chain of atolls in the world — and experience the historic Pitcairn Islands and their shared legacy with the HMS ‘Bounty.’ You also trace Polynesian culture to its roots when you discover the secrets of magnificent Easter Island, which you explore for multiple days.

Papeete | Tuamotus Archipelago | Mangareva Island | Pitcairn Island | Henderson Island | Ducie Island | Easter Island

October 27–November 9, 2023 | 14 Days | ‘Le Boreal’

Reserve your preferred stateroom now with a fully refundable deposit. You will have seven days to confirm your reservation after the itinerary and pricing is published. Call 800 433 8410 to speak to an A&K Travel Consultant or contact your travel professional.

Information is subject to change. More details coming soon. 

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