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New Inspiring Expeditions by Geoffrey Kent

Emperors & South Pole 2022

12 days from $250,000 per person

Limited to 12 guests

Follow in the footsteps of legendary adventurers on this encore expedition to the South Pole, travelling in a style that the early polar explorers could have only dreamed of. Geoffrey Kent, who travelled on the inaugural departure in December 2018, is on hand to welcome you in Cape Town and see you off on your departure to Antarctica. From there, fly with Otavia Kent across the Southern Ocean to your luxury wilderness camp, your home base for your days of discovery and adventure in the Antarctic. This expert-led, 12-day adventure takes you into the heart of the White Continent to meet emperor penguins, walk a natural ice tunnel and stand at the lowest point on earth — the South Pole, where only a very few are privileged to go.

A&K Advantages

  • Meet A&K Founder Geoffrey Kent for a kickoff of wine tasting (arriving at your vineyard by helicopter) and a motorcycle sidecar tour of the city
  • Stay in a state-of-the-art sleeping pod at luxe Whichaway Camp, with views of a 200-foot icefall and frozen lake
  • Walk through a 200-yard-long tunnel of iridescent blue ice, carved by meltwater into a breathtaking work of natural art
  • Reach the holy grail for explorers, the South Pole, followed by a visit with the scientists of the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Science Station
  • Camp overnight and in style on the high polar plateau, one of the most remote camping sites on earth
  • Visit a colony of 6,000 emperor penguins and spend the day observing and photographing them and their newly hatched chicks
  • Ascend a summit never climbed before, with expert guides leading the way. You even earn the right to name the peak for the history books

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