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Inspiring Expeditions by Geoffrey Kent

Emperors & the South Pole 2020

12 days

Limited to 12 guests

Gather with your expedition team in Cape Town before boarding your jet to cross the Southern Ocean and land inside the Antarctic Circle. Your expedition base camp comprises comfortable space-age pods nestled on the edge of the continent. Enjoy hospitality you never imagined in earth’s harshest wilderness, and experience one adventure-packed say after the other, guided by polar explorers selected for their passion and company as much as their experience of the continent.

Departing December 2020 | 12 Days
Visiting South Africa, Antarctica and the South Pole

To inquire about this journey, please call 888 671 5368 or send us an email and a Travel Consultant will follow up with you.

A&K Advantages

Stand at the South Pole. There is no more east, south or west - the only direction on the planet is north

Gather at the Zeitz MOCAA Museum, home to Africa’s largest collection of contemporary African art, for cocktails and a private curator-led tour

Travel into the heart of one of the largest emperor penguin colonies in the whole of Antarctica, early in the season when young chicks are often still sitting on their parents' feet

Visit seal colonies and a scientific station; explore magical ice tunnels; enjoy "Antarctic Picnics" and saunas and fascinating lectures; and await our signature unexpected surprises

Enjoy exclusively reserved accommodations in Antarctica and the South Pole

Trek 650-foot long ice caves near camp where tunnels are made of iridescent blue ice that is as surreal as it is unique

Discover the Amundsen-Scott American science station during an exclusive tour to witness firsthand their often ground-breaking research