Video: Unearth the Wonders of Deeply Spiritual, Stunningly Beautiful Nepal

From its deeply spiritual people to its breathtaking terrain and time-worn temples, Nepal is a destination unlike any other. Discover its rich cultural and spiritual heritage during a luxury travel adventure, whether you choose to trek through its mountainous landscape, flightsee over Mount Everest or visit a plethora of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, among them Durbar Square. Combine a Nepal journey with travel to India for the ultimate experience.

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Q&A: A&K Resident Tour Director Pawan Tuladhar on Returning to Nepal Now

Nepal Q&A

In the wake of devastation, A&K paves the way for a safe return to a remarkable nation on the rebound

You may never see the Nepalese more welcoming than now. A country dependent on tourist dollars for its livelihood, Nepal suffered a tremendous blow last spring when earthquakes shook the region, devastating communities and resulting in an instant decline in tourism. Today, the people of Nepal are focused on healing and returning to life as usual — and drawing visitors back is a key part of that.

A&K talked to Pawan Tuladhar, a long-time resident of Kathmandu, for his take on why you should visit Nepal with A&K now. Continue Reading ›

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