The Perfect Holiday Gift for the Adventure Traveller

Safari by Geoffrey Kent

Safari by Geoffrey KentSafari: A Memoir of a Worldwide Travel Pioneer by A&K Founder Geoffrey Kent is brimming with stories drawn from a life spent exploring, starting with his childhood on safari in the African bush. From the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro and the sands of the Giza Plateau to the shores of the Yangzi River and the beaches of the Galápagos, these are tales told with passion and humor, sure to inspire the adventurer on your list.

“The spirit of discovery is deeply imbedded in Geoffrey’s DNA, and it rubs off on his clients. In my case, traveling with him to Africa, Egypt and China directly inspired such films as “The Lion King,” “Madagascar,” “Prince of Egypt” and “Kung Fu Panda.””
–Jeffrey Katzenberg, DreamWorks Animation

“This is an extraordinary series of stories about travel and adventure in many parts of the world that will fire the imagination of any reader. It left me wondering how I have been so conservative in my own travels which do not begin to compare with Geoffrey Kent’s. A very good and easy read that leaves you hungry for more.”
–Richard Leakey, FRS

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