Enchanting South America: a Photo Journal


On an epic, five-month road trip with his family, which was recently featured in AFAR, new A&K Sales Director Javier Echecopar traveled over 16,000 miles in search of fascinating destinations and enriching encounters throughout Latin America. We’re excited to share his inspiring photos and firsthand recommendations, which are all-but-made for luxury Tailor Made private travel in South America. From the raw beauty of an isolated, glass-like Chalten lagoon to Machu Picchu travel and a leisurely float along the mighty Amazon, his breathtaking photos capture the sort of activities you, too, can incorporate into private adventure travel.


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Flying the W Flag in Antarctica with A&K


They say Cubs fans will travel anywhere to cheer on their team…even to the ends of the earth. We made sure of that by celebrating the Cubs’ 2016 World Series win by flying the W flag on a recent Luxury Expedition Cruise to Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands.

Two guests from Chicago, Hilary and Elias, even brought the Championship banner to share with some of the locals.

Cubs Fans in Antarctica
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Antarctica: From a Kid’s Perspective

Antarctica, South Georgia the Falkland Islands

Eileen Ogintz, family travel writer from takingthekids.com, joins us on our Family Antarctica departure this year. She is sharing the kids’ perspectives on what an A&K cruise to Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falklands is all about. Take a look at her day-by-day experience and why this is the perfect destination to inspire all ages.


On a Cruise to Antarctica – 34 Kids and a Whole Lot of Enthusiasm

December 21, 2016 –  By Eileen Ogintz

“Heaps of Albatross,” reports Thomas, 13, from Melbourne, Australia.

“Rockhopper penguins were jumping,” adds Marcos, 12, from Montclair, NJ.

“Two whale spouts,” declares Ryan, 13, San Diego, CA.

And it’s just the first day aboard ‘Le Boreal’ heading on two-week adventure cruise from Southern Argentina to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia Islands and Antarctica. Even more amazing than the wildlife, perhaps, is that these Young Explorers, part of the group of 34 kids on board — a record number for this Abercrombie & Kent (A&K) — trip, are already such fast friends.

They hadn’t even met until this morning; by lunchtime, after a get-to-know-you game (TRUTH or LIE: “I’ve petted a cheetah!” “I’ve broken both wrists!” “I’ve been on the Great Wall of China!” “I have four cats!”) and a scavenger hunt around the ship organized by the two experienced Young Explorer leaders on board, Jeff Manker and Kristin Wornson, a gaggle of them had commandeered a table together for lunch and were chattering as if they ate lunch together everyday.

Read more on takingthekids.com.

December 22 – Who knew? A trip to the Fire Station in the Falkland Islands

December 23 – On the Southern Ocean, dissecting a squid is what you do

December 24 – Whales and Christmas Carole on the high Southern Seas

December 25 – Christmas morning on South Georgia Island – Tens of thousands of penguins

December 27 – Day two on South Georgia Island – A visit to the old Whaling Station

December 28 – Last day on South Georgia Island – Learning animal behavior

December 29 – Kids learn about sailing the most difficult waters on Earth aboard ‘Le Boreal’

December 30 – Watch for whales, seabirds and penguins on icebergs in the Antarctic

December 31 – Day one in Antarctica: Kids try a spin in the zodiacs

January 1 – Snow fun in the sun in Antarctica on New Year’s Eve!

January 2 – New Year’s Day to remember: On the ice and with the whales in Antarctica

January 3 – Memories for a lifetime: Kids on an expedition to the Antarctic



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Discovering the Spirituality of Timeless Tibet


Staff writer Dan Wiencek travelled on A&K’s China, Tibet & the Yangtze. Here, he shares his account of one memorable day in a land little touched by modernity.

We set out on our first full day in Tibet eager but somewhat shaky. Being at 12,000 feet above sea level, our bodies were making do with 40% less oxygen than we were accustomed to, and even with the previous afternoon and night to acclimatize, my pulse was racing and my head stinging; climbing the three steps into the coach too quickly left me panting. After a short bus ride—being a city of only 200,000 people, nothing in Lhasa is very far from anything else in Lhasa—we came to Sanggye Dhunghor, known more commonly as the Thousand Buddha Shrine. Continue Reading ›

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Video: What It’s Like to Snorkel in the Galápagos Islands

Located 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, the Galápagos Islands represent one of the most magical places on the planet. Where else in the world can you explore an archipelago born entirely of volcanic eruption and interact with wildlife virtually unafraid of humans? And where can you swim with everything from sea lions to sharks and feel completely at ease?

Don’t take our word for it: See this recent GoPro video captured on A&K’s Galápagos Wildlife Adventure for highlights across the various islands we visit, including Floreana, Isabela and Espanola. Continue Reading ›

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Photo Contest Winners from A&K’s Most Recent Polar Cruise

2015 Polar Cruise Photo Contest Winner

Earlier this fall, guests on A&K’s Luxury Expedition Cruise The Northwest Passage: From Greenland to the Bering Sea (August 20-September 12, 2015) were invited to submit photos taken during the voyage as part of an A&K-sponsored photo contest. Continue Reading ›

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Video: A Family, a Camera and One Amazing Tanzania Safari

On an A&K safari in Tanzania, one family handed off the video camera to their two young boys, who came back with this fun montage of Africa.

Shot on location during their luxury Tanzania safari, Toby (age 13) and Jake (age 12) took family vacation video-making into their own hands and captured everything from big cats to luxury tented camps — even the mind-blowing knowledge of A&K Resident Tour Directors (read: coolest teachers ever).

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Five Truths Spotted on Safari

Five Truths Spotted on Safari

Bill Family at SwalaGuest post by Andy Bill, A&K Traveler

This June my wife, Laura, and I took our two boys on an A&K Safari in Style, during which we would stay in luxury camps and visit the three main parks in Tanzania. Like all expectant African explorers, we knew about the “Big Five” (lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo and elephant) and a small part of me — the unreasonable, waiting-by-the-water-cooler-wanting-to-brag part — was ready to grade the trip on how many of these animal celebrities we saw. It turned out we saw all five, effortlessly and in multiples, almost as if they were waiting patiently for us to arrive. But it turns out our safari was not about what we saw so much as what we learned along the way.

Continue Reading ›

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CNN’s Brooke Baldwin: “10 Things I Learned on Kilimanjaro”

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin: 10 Things I Learned on Kilimanjaro

CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin experienced the gamut of emotions — from laughter and exhilaration to tears and despair — during her climb up Africa’s fabled Mount Kilimanjaro with Abercrombie & Kent. It was “the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” she said of summiting the tallest freestanding mountain in the world, a “life-changing experience” that helped her realize, “What’s most memorable to me won’t be tromping through the snows of Kilimanjaro and reaching the peak. No, when I close my eyes and think of my seven days on Kili: It’s singing. It’s Dismass [my A&K guide]. It’s the breathtaking views of stars overhead. As tough as it is for this goal-driven CNN anchor to admit, it really is about the journey.” Brook wrote about the ten key lessons she took away from that journey in a story published on CNN.com. It’s a worthwhile read for anyone contemplating the momentous climb up Kilimanjaro.

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