Discovering the Culture of Morocco


On a recent luxury journey through Morocco, A&K staff writer Bennett Neuhauser found a culture in the midst of transition buoyed by a tradition of inner beauty.

From the crenellated ramparts of its iconic kasbahs to the pastel colors of its desert landscapes, Morocco outwardly plays to certain expectations – a Muslim country with Moorish architecture, an arid land where herds of sheep roam painted hills, Berber men sipping coffee in cafés, women walking on roadsides in scarves and djellabas – all overlaid with the enduring influences of mid-20th-century French rule.

Yet, Morocco is far more than it first appears. Presided over by a progressive king who has opened the door to major reforms, Morocco is a Western-friendly nation with one foot anchored comfortably in the past and the other striding confidently into the future.

One of the souks selling copper cook pots and utensils

The Medieval Medina of Fez

After a first morning spent touring Casablanca and its massive Hassan II mosque, we boarded our spacious, air-conditioned motor coach for the drive to Fez. The next day, our small group of 18 ventured into the souks of its famed medina, to experience a cornucopia of sights, sounds and smells. We walked along narrow, uneven alleyways, with daylight filtering down from above high gray walls, enjoying up-close looks at tables heaped with spices, dried fruits, fresh fish or silk and leather garments. They’ve been selling goods and working metal by hand in the medina since medieval times, and today’s generation works in the same stalls their ancestors once did. And everywhere, there are cats, scrounging, prowling and sleeping – the mascots of the medina.

Part of a university dating to medieval times.

Centers of Faith and Learning

Led by our Resident Tour Director Mohamed Zahidi and his team, we were allowed to enter the Karaouine, the oldest continually operating university in the world. Founded in 859, virtually every surface of its quiet inner courtyard is decorated with highly detailed, delicately carved geometric patterns. Prohibited by their faith to use representational art such as icons, statues and paintings, Muslims employ geometric patterns to evoke spiritual meaning. Entering this graceful place that seemed hidden in the medina was like lifting the veil on an ancient culture that once kept outsiders at arm’s length.
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Luxury Redefined: Botswana’s Sanctuary Chief’s Camp

Luxury Redefined: Sanctuary Chief's Camp

Spectacular, renovated Chief’s Camp sets a new bar with huge suites, expanded public areas – and its own solar farm

When you’re already solidly on top it’s hard to raise the bar – but that’s just what Chief’s Camp in Botswana has done. A top-to-bottom renovation has made this top-tier camp even more luxurious, with 10 beautiful, stylish pavilions that are triple the size of the previous suites, more privacy, additional public areas, a greatly reduced carbon footprint and a stunning, one-of-a-kind Geoffrey Kent Suite.

“The new Chief’s Camp provides guests with every luxury and then some,” says Charl Badenhorst, Operations Director for Sanctuary Retreats in Botswana. “And we’ve taken full advantage of our location in the best game-viewing area in Botswana by adding more outdoor spaces, including private plunge pools, expansive decks and private outdoor dining options so our guests can fully enjoy their surroundings.”

Chief's Camp Outdoor Dining

Morning coffee delivery and heated mattress pads are just some of the special touches at the camp. Each en suite bathroom has floor-to-ceiling windows and folding glass doors, a spacious outdoor shower, a large, indulgent soaking tub and top-of-the-line amenities.
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A&K Philanthropy: Bridging Oceans and Breaking Barriers


Investing in a New Role Abroad

Emily Etue

Emily Etue

The world of philanthropic travel comes with its own unique set of challenges. Language barriers, time zones, cultural gaps and thousands of miles of ocean often separate a team from its goals. With this in mind, A&K Philanthropy (AKP) created a brand new role, the Program Coordinator.

American-based philanthropic organizations tend to coordinate their field workers remotely from stateside offices, visiting sites only on occasion. “This approach makes it hard to track what’s happening on the ground,” explains Emily. “Communication is sluggish, and opportunities are missed. This new Program Coordinator role invests in a dedicated person on the ground in the region, bringing with it a slew of advantages.” Emily is one of six Program Coordinators now working overseas for AKP.

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Take a Sneak Peek at Sanctuary Chief’s Camp’s Complete 2016 Renovation in Botswana

Sanctuary Chief’s Camp, Okavango Delta

A buzz is growing in Botswana’s Moremi Game Reserve, and it’s not the wildlife causing the commotion. One of A&K’s most popular African safari destinations, Sanctuary Chief’s Camp, began an extensive renovation of all of its facilities early this month. Consistently rated as one of the top luxury safari camps in Botswana, Sanctuary Chief’s Camp is poised to emerge bigger and better than ever with a highly anticipated grand reopening this coming June. Here’s a sneak preview of what you can expect to see.

All 12 pavilions will be rebuilt and expanded from 550 square feet to 1, 500 square feet, making them some of the largest in the area. Each air-conditioned pavilion will boast a new private dining area, tranquil outside seating area and terrace plunge pool—perfect for absorbing the surrounding plains and majestic African skies. New bathrooms will offer a spacious outdoor shower, luxury bathtub and floor-to-ceiling windows looking out over waters of the Okavango Delta.

As for the shared areas, an updated safari-chic style will extend throughout the bar, library and expanded dining room. The camp will also feature several brand new amenities, including a pizza deck, orientation room, gym and kid’s play room.

Sanctuary Chief’s Camp, Botswana

Be Among the First to Experience It

Celebrate the reopening of luxurious Sanctuary Chief’s Camp as you join A&K USA President Phil Otterson for an exclusive edition of Botswana Safari in Style. Limited to just 22 privileged guests, this special departure features a host of extras handpicked to elevate your experience. Enjoy a private Flight of the Angels helicopter tour of Victoria Falls, take a ride on the Royal Livingstone Express, and experience Africa’s wildlife at its best with A&K’s peerless safari guides.

Botswana Safari in Style: Special President’s Journey
Jul 11–20 | 10 Days | $13,295
Single supplement $4,795 | Internal air $1,895

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The New York Times Spotlights Serene Sri Lanka as One of the Best Places to Go in 2016

Sigirya Rock

The New York Times’ annual Places to Go list always presents a tempting array of destinations for the traveller craving that next one-of-a-kind journey. We were delighted to see the Times staff highlight A&K’s journeys to Sri Lanka, which each include the delightful coastal town of Trinco, known for its Hindu temples and lively resort atmosphere. A&K’s Marco Polo Journey, Sri Lanka: The Complete Island includes visits to a spice garden, tea plantation and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Galle Fort, which dates to the 17th century.

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AKP Leaps Into Action with “Project Leopard,” Assisted by A&K Sri Lanka and Our Advisory Board

AKP Project Leopard

For local farm families living near Sri Lanka’s Yala National Park, home to the highest population density of leopards in the world, protecting livestock can be a life-and-death struggle. Cattle make easy prey for the powerful felines and, in turn, a leopard is no match for an angry farmer with a weapon or a trap.

Fortunately Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy (AKP) has found a simple and effective way to diffuse this conflict, in the form of steel enclosures that protect livestock at night, when the endangered leopards are most often on the prowl. AKP’s new “Project Leopard” will donate 25 such shelters over the next two years to farm families living near the park, saving cattle and cats.

AKP Launches “Project Leopard” in Sri Lanka

AKP — with support from A&K’s Sri Lanka office — launched the project recently, with the travel agents who comprise A&K’s Advisory Board and the A&K-USA leadership team on hand for the festivities.

To learn more about this and other AKP projects, or to donate, please visit

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In Search of Queen Nefertiti’s Tomb

Queen Nefertiti

Make Way for the Queen

In 1923, English archaeologist Howard Carter captured the world’s imagination when he entered the sealed burial chamber of King Tutankhamen and made the pharaoh a household name. Today, Egyptologists may be hot on the trail of a much more significant discovery — the final resting place of Queen Nefertiti. Continue Reading ›

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Changing Lives in Zambia, One Spoke at a Time

Zambia bike shop

Early this September, Nakatindi Village and A&K Philanthropy proudly declared Chipego Bike Shop open for business. A social enterprise, the shop provides bicycles and mechanical support for local healthcare workers, students and customers throughout the community. The ribbon cutting was marked with a touching song, traditional dance and a tree planting, with the whole village joining in the celebration.

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The Dallas Morning News Recommends This A&K “Dream Tour of Italy”

Dallas Morning News Recommends This “Dream Tour of Italy”

Janet Thomas of The Dallas Morning News says her version of a fantasy Italian vacation means no driving, no logistics and no need to master the language. “What a luxury it is to simply show up, rest and be immersed in nothing but the joys of enchanting Italy,” she wrote of her recent European travel experience from Capri to Venice on A&K’s Connections Italy: South to North. Thomas calls it the ultimate trip to Italy, one that “is anything but typical and everything extraordinary.”

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