Africa: Across a Continent by Private Jet: February 2015

February 20 – March 10, 2015

In Africa, We Left Only Footprints and Took Only Photographs — Lots of Them

What’s it like spend nearly three weeks exploring an entire continent? Guests on Africa: Across a Continent flew from one end of Africa to the other. They came up-close to endangered mountain gorillas, found themselves in the heart of the Great Migration, soared over Victoria Falls and saw every animal from the tiny rhino beetle to some surprisingly friendly elephants. Take a look at a few of the more remarkable sights from this journey.

Check out the photos below from this incredible Private Jet Journey.


Over the next 19 days, follow a route of nearly 5,000 miles to discover the glories of the African continent, travelling in style by Private Jet. Today we begin our journey with our first stop in Ethiopia.


Next stop, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, one of the most biologically diverse areas in the world and home to nearly half the world’s surviving population of mountain gorillas.


And now, we land in Tanzania, home to the Serengeti – true safari country.


Our journey took us to Botswana, whose abundant waters mirror the boundless African skies and provide life-giving sustenance to a variety of wildlife, especially elephants.

Zambia & Namibia

Days filled with wildlife, waterfalls and Walvis Bay, the Private Jet group travelled to Zambia, Victoria Falls and Namibia.

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