With its pyramids, its Great Sphinx and the tombs dotting the banks of the Nile River, Egypt is a perennial bucket-list luxury travel destination that welcomes thousands every year from all over the world. To climb into the highest chamber of an ancient pyramid or witness the timeless panorama that is life along the Nile are experiences no traveller should miss.

Middle East Egypt Hieroglyphics Detail

And despite what you may have heard, travel to Egypt is safe, and furthermore affords the rare privilege of exploring some of the world’s most revered ancient sites when they’re virtually devoid of other visitors. Imagine gazing at the treasures of Tutankhamun without having to jostle for a better view, or looking from one end of the vast Temple of Hatshepsut to the other without seeing a single other person.

Experiences like these, once unheard of, are today fairly routine in Egypt. The relative emptiness of the landscape stands in sharp contrast to the overflowing hospitality of the Egyptian people, who welcome visitors enthusiastically, eager to make every newcomer feel at home.

 Middle East Egypt Camel Temple Statue

Happily, the word is starting to get out that Egypt is open for business again, and savvy travellers aren’t waiting to be told twice. Heidi Mitchell, who took her family to Egypt on an A&K journey, writes in Travel + Leisure about her Nile cruise, “My kids read Agatha Christie’s Death on the Nile while my husband and I marveled at how silly it seemed to worry even a little. Children on the shore waved to us, we waved back, and life sailed on.”

Middle East Egypt Aswan Abu Simbel Guest

In an interview published on Huffington Post, entrepreneur and activist Beth Doane touches on the remarkable opportunities that come with a visit to Egypt. Speaking of visiting the pyramids, she notes, “Historically, you couldn’t get a photo that wasn’t full of tourists and buses cluttering up the foreground of the pyramids, but because tourism is down, chances are good that you’ll get that perfect shot.”

“My kids,” wrote Heidi Mitchell, “and the land of Moses, taught me that the antidote to fear is travel.” With few crowds and locals eager to welcome you, this may be the best time ever to visit Egypt.