Your Peruvian Pisco Primer


No Peruvian adventure would be complete without a taste of the country’s distinctive national drink, pisco. Whether mixed in a cocktail or sipped neat like a fine Armagnac, nothing epitomizes Peru in a glass like this complex and unique spirit. A little knowledge goes a long way towards elevating your pisco experience, so let’s belly up to the bar and see what it’s all about. Continue Reading ›

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Discovering the Endless Wonder of Travelling the Northwest Passage

Northwest Passage

As we announce our 2017 expedition, take a look back at our first pioneering voyage across the Northwest Passage.

On August 20, 2015, 186 guests set out on A&K’s The Northwest Passage: From Greenland to the Bering Sea, an adventure that soon proved to be one of the most unforgettable luxury expedition cruises ever led by Abercrombie & Kent. Continue Reading ›

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Discovering the Spirituality of Timeless Tibet


Staff writer Dan Wiencek travelled on A&K’s China, Tibet & the Yangtze. Here, he shares his account of one memorable day in a land little touched by modernity.

We set out on our first full day in Tibet eager but somewhat shaky. Being at 12,000 feet above sea level, our bodies were making do with 40% less oxygen than we were accustomed to, and even with the previous afternoon and night to acclimatize, my pulse was racing and my head stinging; climbing the three steps into the coach too quickly left me panting. After a short bus ride—being a city of only 200,000 people, nothing in Lhasa is very far from anything else in Lhasa—we came to Sanggye Dhunghor, known more commonly as the Thousand Buddha Shrine. Continue Reading ›

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