5 Things That Will Surprise You in China

5 Things That Will Surprise You in China

Post by Nina Kokotas Hahn, A&K Staff Writer

A&K Staff Writer Nina Kokotas Hahn returns from a recent Luxury Small Group Journey to China and shares the five most surprising things to discover from Beijing to Shanghai.

China is not an easy place to anticipate. It is at once ancient and moving at the speed of light, communist and Buddhist, enormous and unexplained. I recently returned from my 14-day luxury China tour with Abercrombie & Kent, China & the Yangtze, a Luxury Small Group Journey, and  I was most struck by the places where old and new are still magically colliding.

From Beijing to Shanghai on my small-group tour, here are five things that surprised me about China. Continue Reading ›

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Explained: The Mekong River

Explained: The Mekong

Meet the “Mother of Water” on an A&K Luxury Cruise

Explained: The MekongSoutheast Asia is filled with diverse peoples and cultures, each with traditions uniquely their own. Yet this multifaceted region has one unifying element that offers locals and fans of luxury travel alike a common frame of reference — the enduring presence of the Mekong River.

The Mekong originates in China’s Qinghai Province where it is called Lancang Jiang, and flows southeast for 2,700 miles through the popular small group travel destinations of Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, before it empties into the South China Sea. Like the Mississippi River in the United States, the mighty Mekong is vital to the lives of the tens of millions who live along its wide, winding waters. It is a source of sustenance, a means of travel, a place of business — in short, the Mekong is a way of life. Continue Reading ›

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The Top Five Can’t-Miss Festivals for Travellers

The Top Five Festivals in the World

A country’s cultural festivals celebrate the collective heritage of an entire people and instill in travellers a deeper appreciation for their chosen destination. A&K offers a brief look at five of the world’s greatest cultural festivals reveals their timeless appeal. Continue Reading ›

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