Step Aboard a Dahabieh for a Relaxing Egypt Cruise along the Nile River

Step Aboard a Dahabieh for a Relaxing Egypt Cruise

Cruising the Nile River on A&K’s new Marco Polo Journey is a timeless Egypt travel experience, especially aboard a dahabieh  — a traditional Egyptian sailing boat rigged with lateen (triangular) sails.

In 2016, A&K invites you to step aboard Sanctuary ‘Zein Nile Chateau,’ a modern take on the dahabieh, built to international luxury standards, with four spacious cabins and two suites, and decorated with motifs inspired by Egyptian history. As one of only 12 guests per sailing, you’ll have room to roam the boat’s extensive open spaces, including its beautiful upper deck, Arabian themed sun deck and opulent dining area. Continue Reading ›

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Q&A: A&K Resident Tour Director Pawan Tuladhar on Returning to Nepal Now

Nepal Q&A

In the wake of devastation, A&K paves the way for a safe return to a remarkable nation on the rebound

You may never see the Nepalese more welcoming than now. A country dependent on tourist dollars for its livelihood, Nepal suffered a tremendous blow last spring when earthquakes shook the region, devastating communities and resulting in an instant decline in tourism. Today, the people of Nepal are focused on healing and returning to life as usual — and drawing visitors back is a key part of that.

A&K talked to Pawan Tuladhar, a long-time resident of Kathmandu, for his take on why you should visit Nepal with A&K now. Continue Reading ›

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Wonders of the World by Private Jet: September 2015

Wonders of the World by Private Jet

September 17 – October 10, 2015

Let the Private Jet journey begin! A&K guests begin their adventure to visit the world’s greatest wonders – such as Machu Picchu, the Taj Mahal, Angkor Wat and the Hagia Sophia. For the next 24 days, we’ll sharing photos from each destination. Be sure to check back for updates.
Continue Reading ›

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5 Amazing Family Adventures to Celebrate National Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day

September 13, 2015, marks National Grandparents Day and the chance to honor some of the most important people in our lives. The best way to celebrate? Give the gift of family travel with one of these five A&K Family Journeys, perfect for delivering all-ages family adventure and lasting memories in the world’s best destinations.

1. Spot “Big Five” Wildlife on an African Safari

TRIP TO BOOK: Family Tanzania Safari (8 days) or Family Kenya Safari (9 days)

WHY GRANDPARENTS LOVE IT: Electronics and gadgets be gone! In the African bush, all ages are completely captivated by extraordinary wildlife, prehistoric craters and the tribes that protect it. Stays in luxurious camps and safaris led by Resident Tour Directors in A&K-owned vehicles mean jaw-dropping sights in total safety and comfort.

WHAT’S IN IT FOR KIDS: Seeing lions, elephants and the rest of the Big Five in their own wild environments; adventures like market scavenger hunts; meetings with local tribesmen; and visits to animal sanctuaries. Continue Reading ›

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Track Wildlife Like the Pros on Your African Safari

Track Wildlife Like the Pros on Your African Safari

A&K’s expert safari guides spend years honing their wildlife-tracking skills. The good news is you can get a leg up with our handy diagram featuring some of the most common tracks you’ll encounter — whether of the massive white rhino, lightning-fast cheetah or lanky giraffe — during a luxury African safari.

Keep this guide at the ready and train your eyes — because fascinating encounters await at every turn. Continue Reading ›

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Video: A Family, a Camera and One Amazing Tanzania Safari

On an A&K safari in Tanzania, one family handed off the video camera to their two young boys, who came back with this fun montage of Africa.

Shot on location during their luxury Tanzania safari, Toby (age 13) and Jake (age 12) took family vacation video-making into their own hands and captured everything from big cats to luxury tented camps — even the mind-blowing knowledge of A&K Resident Tour Directors (read: coolest teachers ever).

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Coffee Around the World

Coffee Around the World

Coffee Around the WorldCoffee’s reputation as a pick-me-up, coupled with its important role in our social and culinary lives, has ensured its coveted status across continents and cultures through the ages. Today, coffee cultivation, production and enjoyment are a deeply engrained in many cultures.

Each region has its own distinct coffee type or traditions, and you can experience many firsthand in Turkey, Italy or throughout Europe, not to mention Africa and South America. Delve further to learn about these cups of joe in store.

In Turkey, It’s About Style

“Turkish coffee” is less about origin and more about the style of preparation, which involves grinding beans into a very fine powder and boiling them over moderate heat in a small brass pot called a cezve — usually with sugar and sometimes with cardamom. The coffee is ready when it rises, bubbles, all-but-overflows and the grounds settle. Sipping the result is an experience no A&K guest should miss. Continue Reading ›

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