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At Sea

Today was a chance to catch up after all the excitement from the last three days and relax a bit. There were still plenty of chances to learn a bit more about things we had seen as the lecture program resumed. Photo coach David Salmonowitz told us about how we can edit all those thousands of photos we took.

In the mid-morning, Stephanie Martin told us about marine mammal research. She told us a bit about some of the techniques used to study whales and stories of all the different projects she has worked on. Then it was time to have another delicious meal before a relaxing afternoon.

Geologist Daria Nikitina told us all about glaciers in her mid-afternoon presentation. She told us how one of the reasons for climate changes on Earth is a position of continents. When land masses assemble close to polar regions, the snow begins to accumulate on land. Snow accumulation leads to formation of ice and cooling of the surrounding areas that can lead to formation of continental Ice Sheets.

Lori Gross kept the young explorers very busy with many different projects throughout the day. She has down an incredible job with all the children with her program and they have learned so much about the Antarctic.

The last presentation of the day was by our Expedition Leader Lou Sanson who works for the New Zealand Antarctic Research Program explained the complex governance program of the Antarctic Treaty system.

In the evening we enjoyed Captain John Moulds’ Farewell Cocktail Party. He told several amusing antidotes and we all shared in a toast before going into the special farewell dinner. We had a very pleasant evening during the wonderful gala dinner and many people lingered over cocktails in the bars.


Photo Coach David Salmanovitz helps a guest with last minute photography questions in the comfort of the library.

Captain John Moulds greets guest to his Farewell Cocktail party in the evening.

A group of guests toasts the fantastic voyage during the Captain's Farewell party.

Cruise Director Jannie Cloete (center) shares a laugh with Assistant Cruise Director Oliver Buhler (left) and Assistant Expedition Leader Marco Favero.

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