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Amazingly, the sea is even calmer and the swell has almost disappeared. However, the day has been grey with outbreaks of rain. They were not severe enough to deter the keenest of the birdwatchers, who reported more wandering albatrosses and their look-alike relatives the royal albatrosses.

Despite being at sea for several days, there is no shortage of activities to occupy our time. The formal proceedings continued with Richard Harker's advice on 'Mastering your Digital Camera', followed after lunch by a medley by several members of the Expedition Staff on 'An Introduction to the Falkland Islands'. This was a summary of the birds, plants and history of the island group, and Pete Clement, who was born and bred on the Falklands, told us about his early life on a sheep farm where horses provided the only form of land transport and boarding school at a tender age the only form of education. Ralph later gave a full lecture on 'The Geology of the Falkland Islands'. Amazingly, continental drift brought the islands from off South Africa to their present position close to South America.

Because Minerva has made such good time in the calm sea we will get to the Falklands earlier than planned and there will be time to fit in an extra landing. So Expedition Leader Larry gave us the mandatory briefing on the procedures for landing by Zodiac inflatable boats and also briefed us on what to expect at the intended landing places.


Bob Burton talks about the Falkland Islands History.

Richard, the Photo-Coach gives us some tips during one of his informal sessions.

We all went out to put his advice to good use.

On the local fauna, in the middle of the South Atlantic.

Marco and Larry demonstrate the Zodiac Grip during the briefing.

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