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Port of Stanley

To this point in our voyage we really have been lucky, this morning the calm seas continued as we approached the capital of the Falkland Islands, Stanley.
Our morning would be full with the tours we had booked on our embarkation day
on the Minerva while we would have the afternoon to explore on our own.

Heading out on several different tours we all had something different to experience. Some, if not most made their way to the Bluff Cove Penguin Adventure. Many of those visiting from the United Kingdom and the history buffs onboard joined the local guides on the Falklands Battlefield Tour while the rest of us joined either the Falklands Nature Trek or the Long Island Farm Tour.

After lunch we made our way from the Minerva back into Stanley to explore the local shops or a local establishment for fish and chips before jumping on the shuttle bus making sure to be back onboard by 1545.

At 1600 after all guests and crew were confirmed onboard by security the Minerva pushed off from FIPASS, exited the main harbour and joined up with the bunker ship Iman out in Port Williams to take on fuel. Just after sinner, as a brilliant sunset closed our time in the Falklands we dropped our lines and made out way out of Port Williams, our next stop, South Georgia!


The picturesque town of Port Stanley is a colorful, welcoming town reminiscent of an old English village.

The main street of Stanley runs along the waterfront.

The famous arch in front of the Cathedral is made from the jaw bones of blue whales.

Minerva passengers had ample opportunity to do some last minute shopping in the varied gift shops in Port Stanley.

After departing Port Stanley, the Minerva came alongside a bunker ship for refueling.

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