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At Sea

We woke this morning to clear skies and a calm following sea, making for a comfortable passage to the Falkland Islands. After breakfast, the Expedition Team was on hand to exchange parkas and rubber boots, preparing us for our landings!

Mid-morning, our Expedition Leader, Larry Hobbs, gave an overview of the expedition, as well as briefing us on our plans for tomorrows visit to Port Stanley.

The Lecture program began today; from Seabirds of the Southern Ocean to a Falklands Medley of information, this International team of lecturers and naturalists oozed enthusiasm and were all incredibly keen to share their knowledge. We also had a chance to join members of the team on the pool deck for some wildlife watching. Guests saw their first Southern Hemisphere, pelagic birds soaring in Explorer II's wake.

‘Whales off the bow!’ – a call from the bridge over the PA system, invited us out on deck to see the second largest of the Baleen Whales – the Fin Whale. We watched closely as these ‘greyhounds’ of the sea cruised swiftly past the ship.

In the evening we were formally introduced to Captain John Moulds at a cocktail party in the Main Lounge, followed by the Captains Gala Dinner – a sumptuous affair!


We had the chance to find the most important accessory for the trip- rubber boots!

The expedition staff was on hand first thing this morning to make sure our parkas fit properly.

lovely ornithologist Dr. Patricia Silva pointed out all the seabirds swirling around the ship.

Captain John Moulds, the staff captain and our cruise director, Jannie Cloete welcomed us to a festive cocktail party.

We enjoyed fine champagne and toasted the upcoming adventures.

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