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At Sea

We started our journey north last night after we left Antarctic Sound back through the Drake Passage. There was time for a leisurely breakfast and then the first presentation of the day by Brent Houston. Brent told us interesting and amusing stories about some of the Adelie penguin projects he had worked on.

Several small groups of humpback whales were also spotted during the morning’s deck time. Again our old friends, the wandering albatrosses, were also spotted as they soared behind the ship.

In the mid-morning, ornithologists Patricia Silva and Marco Favero presented a talk entitled “Albatross – we have a problem!” They explained how thousands of these magnificent birds (as well as many petrel species as well) are being inadvertently caught and drowned in long-line fisheries worldwide. The presentation was sobering but at the same time hopeful, as we were personally reminded of our ability to make a difference for albatross through our simultaneous roles as consumers, voters, financial supporters and educators of others. With some determination, we can solve this problem.

After lunch we watched the onboard movies or had a chance to check our email and sent details of our adventurous to loved ones back home. There was also a chance for our photo coaches Richard Harker and David Salmonowitz to answer any last minute photography questions.

The last lecturer of the day was by our geologist Bob Rutford who informed us about Antarctica’s general geology. He focused on the geology of the sites that we visited during our time in the Antarctic.

Then there was just enough time to change for Captain John Moulds’ Farewell Cocktail Party. He told a charming story about how his father and he spent one Christmas day the exact same way even through they were on different cargo vessels! We had a very enjoyable evening during the wonderful gala dinner.


Cape (or Pintado) Petrel following MV Minerva in the Drake Passage

The seabirds bring out the photographers

The easy roll of the ship finds us at ease with the Drake on our trip north

Cruise Director Jannie Cloete and Captain John Moulds greet the guests for the Captain's Farewell Cocktail

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