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Port Stanley, Falklands

The Falklands can be very stormy and windy especially during the summer. There was a large storm forecasted for today so it was decided to head to Port Stanley to anchor in the shelter of the protected bay. The full force of the storm was not to be felt until the afternoon and we had the chance for a leg stretch ashore in Blanco Cove.

It was a lovely sunny morning and it felt wonderful for a chance to explore the landscape. Some people walked up the hill for a better view of the harbor while others wondered the shoreline and discovered several species of shorebirds.

In the afternoon there was a presentation entitled ‘An Introduction to the Falklands’ where several staff members told us about the history and the wildlife that we might see tomorrow.

The last lecture of the day was by our photo coach, David Salmanowitz, gave us very helpful tips about how to use our cameras during the trip. Just before David started the full force of the storm finally hit us with Force 12 winds in excess of over 70 miles an hour. It was a wise decision to stay in sheltered waters.


Passengers arrive to shore in the Falkland Islands after a day at sea.

Many people chose to go on a walk along the shoreline at Port Blanco.

Two passengers enjoy a moment soaking up the sunshine while they rest on the beach.

A family of Flightless Steamer Ducks passes close to shore.

Following our morning landing, the weather changed drastically and force ten winds developed!

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