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Stanley, Falkland Islands

After the incredible wind storm of yesterday, in the morning Captain Moulds expertly manoeuvred the Minerva alongside the main jetty just outside Stanley which is the main town and capital of the Falkland Islands. It was a beautiful blue sky morning and pretty calm as we boarded the buses to begin the various tours. The summer in Stanley means we could experience all four seasons in one day so after yesterday we were prepared for anything!

One of the tours offered was to Sparrow Cove. We were taken out of Stanley Harbor and across Port Williams by the harbour launch. We then swapped our mode of transport for the traditional Land Rover for a trip across the rugged landscape to a Gentoo Penguin colony. Some of the Gentoos were patiently incubating eggs, while others have two small chicks of the year. Tea and fine home made biscuits were well received before a bouncy ride back to the boat.

The history buffs chose to do the Battlefields tour where we visited the settlement at Fitzroy. We got a feel for the countryside as we drove over the typically rough terrain found outside the main town. We saw a few of the famous Falkland stone runs as well as some of the battle sites and memorials.

For those of us not on an organized tour we had the chance to explore Stanley. It is a very picturesque place with all the houses having multi-colored tin roofs and, in some cases, perfectly manicured lawns. Some of us went to the museum to find out more about the rich and interesting history of the islands whereas the rest of us just ambled around and took in the scenery or went shopping for souvenirs. It was a wonderful day of exploration in this faraway corner of the world. We were grateful for the chance to get ashore after such a wild storm that even had most of the locals saying they had never experienced anything like it!


The Minerva chefs prepare a special gingerbread house for the Christmas season!

One of the optional tours included a visit to Bluff Cove where there were about 2000 nesting gentoo penguins.

Passengers had time in the afternoon to walk around the quaint town of Port Stanley.

The Cathedral in Stanley boasts the unique arches made from the jaw bones of whales!

The Young Explorers are immersed at the Falkland Islands Museum where they learned about the animals native to the islands.

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