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Drake Passage

Last night's sunset must have been a good omen because we are steaming across the notorious Drake Passage in calm seas. Minerva rolled a little in the morning and we had to be a bit careful not to let things, like cameras, to slide off the table. As the day progressed, the seas became even calmer and those of the company who had been apprehensive about crossing 'the Drake' were hugely relieved. And then the sun broke through in the afternoon to give brilliant views of the albatrosses, including the giant wandering albatross, and other seabirds soaring around the stern on outstretched wings.

The programme of enrichment lectures started with presentations on seabirds, plate tectonics and the heroic age of Antarctic exploration, and Richard Harker, our photo enrichment coach, gave hugely useful advice on how to make the most of our digital cameras.

If this was not enough to fill our day, Captain Moulds invited us to a Welcome Aboard Cocktail Party in the evening, followed by a Welcome Dinner in which the kitchen staff showed off their culinary skills and the level of noise indicated a happy band of travellers bonding with new friends and anticipating our arrival in Antarctica.


The Expedition staff poses for a group photo.

Naturalist Juan Restrepo talks with guests on the pool deck.

A guest photographs the elegant albatrosses that followed the ship through the Drake Passage.

Captain John Moulds greets guests to his Welcome Cocktail party.

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