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Luxury Small Group Journeys
New! Luxury Small Group Journeys 2015
Visit the world’s greatest destinations in an intimate small group of just 18 guests.
Marco Polo Club Journeys
New! Marco Polo Club Journeys 2015
Experience far-flung locales and rare cultural events on 21 extraordinary adventures.
New! Connections Worldwide Group Journeys 2015
Experience small-group journeys to sought-after locales with no more than 24 guests at an unbeatable value.
New! Family Journeys 2015
New! Connections European River Cruise Journeys 2015
Luxury Expedition Cruises
New! Luxury Expedition Cruises 2015-2016
Luxury Tailor Made Travel 2015
New! Luxury Tailor Made Travel 2015
New! Worldwide Hotel Portfolio 2015
New! Cuba: People to People 2015
2015 European Canal Barge Cruises
New! European Canal Barge Cruises 2015
Partake in life along Europe’s inland waterways, enjoying fine cuisine and disembarking to explore quaint villages.
New! Wonders of the World by Private Jet 2015
Fly privately to the world’s most iconic destinations on a single journey, enjoying insider access and the best accommodations throughout.
Around the World by Private Jet: Islands, Savannas & the Amazon 2015
Journey to exotic destinations on an exclusive private itinerary designed by Geoffrey Kent.
Africa: Across a Continent by Private Jet 2015
Span Africa by private jet, from the Serengeti to Namibia and Uganda.
New! Sundowner Magazine Spring 2014
Features: Sanctuary ‘Ananda’; Northwest Passage; Private Jet 2015; Wild Africa; Kasbahs
A&K Luxury Small Group Journeys 2014
Luxury Small Group Journeys 2014
Experience more than 40 inspiring adventures to all seven continents.
Marco Polo Invitational Journeys 2014
The world’s most exquisite and rarely seen destinations revealed in 15 unforgettable journeys.
Connections 2014
Connections Worldwide Group Journeys 2014
See the world up close with authentic experiences in A&K style, all at an incredible value.
Antarctica & the Arctic 2014-2015
Join A&K's renowned Expedition Team on voyages to the extraordinary ends of the earth.
Canal Barge Cruises 2014
Canal Barge Cruises 2014
Embark on a leisurely cruise through Europe's most picturesque villages and towns.
connections european river cruise journeys 2014 brochure
Connections European River Cruise Journeys 2014
Explore Europe's greatest rivers and embark on exclusive onshore excursions.
Luxury Private Travel 2014
Luxury Tailor Made Travel 2014
Create the journey of your dreams with this private travel guide, packed with expertise
abercrombie kent worldwise hotel portfolio 2014
Worldwide Hotel Portfolio 2014
Your guide to lodgings that meet A&K's standards of comfort, service and authenticity
Abercrombie & Kent Sundowner Magazine Winter 2014
Sundowner Magazine Winter 2014
Features: Sri Lanka, European river cruising; Incan history; African safaris, then and now
Around the World with Geoffrey Kent by Private Jet
Around the World with Geoffrey Kent by Private Jet 2014
An exclusive globe-spanning odyssey, from the Amazon to Monaco, for just 50 guests.
A Legacy of Philanthropy
A Legacy of Philanthropy
The story of Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy (AKP) and the valuable projects it supports.