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Treasures of Palau (2016)

Inspiring Expeditions by Geoffrey Kent: Captivating explorations of far-flung destinations

Limited to 18 guests
Days: 9  |  From: $145,000

On an amazing voyage designed and accompanied by A&K founder Geoffrey Kent and celebrated guide Toby Fenwick-Wilson, dive into the mystery of the beguiling Blue Holes, drift suspended amid a million harmless jellyfish, and venture off road to historic World War II battle sites, now at peace in verdant jungle. Be among the first outsiders in nearly 60 years to visit the Seventy Islands World Heritage Site, dine with local dignitaries, and cruise in style aboard an exclusively chartered superyacht. Moments like this and countless more make this inaugural Inspiring Expedition by Geoffrey Kent the journey of a lifetime.

A&K Advantages

  • Cruise for seven nights aboard exclusively chartered superyacht 'Saluzi,' enjoying gourmet cuisine prepared fresh with ocean-to-table delicacies, fine wines and spirits, and splendid onboard amenities
  • Travel on a luxurious expedition led from start to finish by A&K founder Geoffrey Kent and celebrated guide Toby Fenwick-Wilson
  • Explore Palau's stunning waters, islands and jungles with confidence, accompanied by a team of expert scuba divers and guides
  • Visit historic World War II battlefields on Peleliu, and dive on sunken wartime wreck, 'Iro'
  • Swim amid millions of harmless Mastigias jellyfish, with the famed Jellyfish Lake reserved exclusively for A&K guests
  • Discover Palau's world-renowned dive sites, including the Blue Holes, the Big Drop Off and Ulong Channel
  • Enjoy snorkeling, hiking, kayaking and other non-diving activities throughout your journey
  • Spend the first night in the fabulous Peninsula Hong Kong, joining Geoffrey Kent and your expedition team for a lavish welcome dinner
  • A&K will donate 5% of the price of your journey to support the Oceanographic Institute Foundation Albert I, Prince of Monaco

Itinerary at a Glance

Treasures of Palau

Day 1: A Night at The Peninsula Hong Kong

Day 2: Private Jet Flight to Palau to Embark ‘Saluzi’

Day 3: Ulong Sandbar and Ulong Channel Dive

Day 4: Jellyfish Lake Swim & the Big Drop Off

Day 5: Relics of World War II & Helicopter Tour

Day 6: Blue Holes Dive

Day 7: Sunken Wreck Dive & Dolphin Encounter

Day 8: Shark City Dive & Festive Farewell

Day 9: Disembark ‘Saluzi’

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