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Gain exclusive access to fascinating Egypt, including guaranteed entry into a Giza pyramid, access to Tutankhamun's tomb, and a four-night Nile River cruise to exquisite, rarely-seen Denderah.

A&K Advantages

  • Your trip includes guaranteed entry into one of Egypt's legendary pyramids, which you explore from the inside out
  • Avoid crowds and the hassle of navigating around other ships, with private docking facilities in Luxor and Aswan
  • Sail on a four-night Nile river cruise to off-the-beaten-path Denderah, one of Egypt's best-preserved and less-frequented temples
  • Cruise around the lush Aswan islands in a traditional felucca (small sailboat)
  • Discover Egypt's ancient capital of Memphis, founded by King Menes around 3000 BC, and the famous Step Pyramid of Zoser in Sakkara
  • Accompanied by an expert Egyptologist, pay a visit to the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, exhibiting the largest collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts