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The Northwest Passage: From Greenland to the Bering Sea
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The Northwest Passage: From Greenland to the Bering Sea (2015)

Luxury Expedition Cruises: Expert-led expeditions to exotic locales, with shore excursions


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Sail from western Greenland to Alaska and the Bering Sea on an extraordinary voyage that transits the entire Northwest Passage, all from aboard exclusively chartered 'Le Boreal.'

A&K Advantages

  • Cruise for 20 nights aboard the luxury, all-balcony expedition ship 'Le Boreal' on an exclusive A&K charter
  • Travel in the company of A&K's world-class Expedition Team for a deeply enriching and captivating journey
  • Sail the full extent of the Northwest Passage, from Greenland to the Canadian Arctic provinces, to the Bering Sea and ending in Nome, Alaska.
  • Discover the most historic and remote islands, fjords and harbors along the elusive Northwest Passage, taking in moving stories of voyages won and lives lost, in the name of conquering a trade route between the Atlantic and Pacific
  • Explore the West Coast of Greenland, where you may meet with local Inuits in their homes or alongside their dog-sled teams, visit a traditional hunting village and learn the art of leather tanning
  • Marvel at geological wonders from the "Smoking Hills" of Franklin Bay to the dramatic Ilulissat Icefjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site teeming with icebergs
  • Discover the Northwest Passage as the world's greatest polar explorers once did, with stops along the way that may include Pond Inlet, Lancaster Sound, Beechey Island, Sommerset Island and Gjoa Haven
  • Delve into the rarely visited Yukon Territory, where whaling once thrived and an abundance of wildlife still reigns supreme
  • Enjoy the convenience of A&K charter flights to Kangerlussuaq and from Nome, that begin and end in North America