Italy: South to North

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Discover Rome alongside a local resident, learn the secrets of Florentine cooking during a private lesson and sample many of Italy's culinary delights with the people who produce them.

Connections at a Glance

Discover your destination through these local connections.

  • Walk Rome's Trastevere district with a local resident to enjoy a charming Neighborhood Connection
  • Make a Culinary Connection as you learn the secrets of Florentine cuisine in an Italian cooking class guided by a chef
  • Enjoy unique, private access to the atelier (workshop) that crafts Venice's carnival costumes, and tour the palace that houses it
  • On our Artisan Connection, meet a local mozzarella producer on his farm to sample this delicious cheese and learn firsthand how it is made
  • Lunch with a family who produces celebrated balsamic vinegar and sample this local favorite