Travel to Spain, Portugal and Italy with A&K

The bond that unites Spain, Portugal and Italy is passion — for food, country and lifestyle. Whether you wander through Roman ruins in Italy or make your way through Spain on a luxury holiday, A&K reveals the unforgettable spirit of each of these countries.

In Spain, it's all about the colorful life — from Seville's fiery flamenco to Barcelona's whimsical architecture and Granada's exquisite Moorish influence. Throughout this lively country, meals are celebrations that often last hours. On an A&K Spain luxury holiday, discover this land's friendly hospitality, revered traditions and inspired cuisine.

Castles and fishing villages dot Portugal, memories of the many cultures that have passed through this seaside country's doors. On an independent journey to Portugal — the home of fado and a longstanding seafaring tradition — explore this country's proud history and rich tapestry of cultures.

Italy has been a favorite vacation spot for centuries. Hidden among Italy's vineyard-clad hills are ancient Etruscan villages, where life continues like it did decades ago. Throughout your journey, capture the essence of Italy with incredible insider access, such as privately visiting an exclusive Murano glass factory or a gelato-making lesson with the family in Florence.

When you travel with A&K to Spain, Portugal and Italy, expect only the finest guides, best service and authentic experiences.