Travel to Great Britain, Ireland & France with A&K

Easy to get to and brimming with a kaleidoscope of culture, arts, architecture, culinary delights and natural splendors, Great Britain, Ireland and France are musts on every seasoned traveller's list.

In many ways, Great Britain is similar to the United States. The difference is Great Britain's thousand-year-old history and a long-held cultural identity. An A&K journey to Great Britain reveals England's historical sites and cultural traditions, whether you walk amid the columns of mysterious Stonehenge or explore Windsor Castle.

With A&K, journey through Scotland aboard The Royal Scotsman and savor the romance of luxury train travel. This private haven of Edwardian splendor travels through Scotland's highland lochs and golden glens.

Although Ireland's history is nearly as ancient as Scotland or England's, its landscapes are even greener — at nearly any time of the year. From the Wicklow Mountains to the Cliffs of Moher, Ireland is gorgeous to behold.

Across the English Channel is France, a culinary nirvana as well as a visual paradise, with lavender fields, a Mediterranean coastline and châteaux. An A&K journey to France can take many forms: a Tailor Made Family Holiday to Paris, a romantic barge cruise through Burgundy and the Loire Valley, a multi-country program that explores fascinating cultural links, and more.

Experience the stately beauty, majestic landscapes and time-honored traditions of England, Ireland and France — true European classics — on a luxury journey with A&K.