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Nestled between powerhouses China and India, Nepal's own power lies in its breathtaking mountain scenery, deep-rooted spirituality and timeworn temples and towns. On an A&K journey to Nepal, travel back in time in this spellbinding nation.

For a true Nepalese experience, nothing beats trekking the Himalaya. Discover some of the world's most magnificent peaks trekking to Mount Everest's base camp, passing ancient villages where life remains much the same way it has for hundreds of years. Under an impossibly blue sky and soaring, misty peaks, trek past prayer flags and unspoiled terrain, breathing in the spirit of Nepal. In Kathmandu, the country's fabled capital, lodge in Dwarika's Hotel, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and take in the kaleidoscope of sights and sounds of the town center. Explore Bhaktapur, an ancient royal city where you can lose yourself wandering cobbled streets and gazing at ornately carved building walls.

Trekking in Nepal is only one type of extraordinary adventure you can experience in this magical destination with A&K.

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Kathmandu (KTM)
GMT +5.75
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