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Yangtze River Cruise

Departing at dawn from White King City shrouded in mist, I've sailed a thousand miles through gorges in a single day. The screams of monkeys have hardly ceased ringing in my ears, My skiff has left ten thousand mountain ranges far away.  

- Li Po
The River Journey from White King City

An A&K Yangtze River cruise is a voyage of discovery through the Three Gorges region, a place with thousands of years of history as well as timeless beauty. With private shore excursions led by expert guides along with inspiring on-board activities, a cruise with A&K provides an adventure for every type of traveller.

Luxury and Adventure on the Yangtze River

As the only luxury boutique river cruiser on the Yangtze River, Sanctuary 'Yangzi Explorer' is half the size of other ships, making for nimble sailing and more time to explore this spectacular region. What’s more, a complement of a mere 124 passengers means more personalized attention and a cabin with a balcony for every party. And with a staff-to-guest ratio of better than 1:1, the vessel offers attentive, intimate service. Set out on shore excursions in the company of experts; then return for dinner, followed by a nightcap in the lounge. Sanctuary ‘Yangzi Explorer’ sets a new standard for comfort.

The A&K Difference

Since 1983, when the first office in Hong Kong opened, A&K has expanded to become the only luxury travel company to run three local offices in China. Not only does A&K provide support 24/7, but we also offer the peace of mind of travelling with the most established guides who know your destination inside out.

The Finest Expertise

Sanctuary 'Yangzi Explorer's' on-board China specialists coordinate a range of educational programs and shore excursions, unraveling the historical, cultural and environmental factors that have made the Yangtze so integral to thousands of years of Chinese history. On the Family China itinerary, the Yangtze River cruise features special children's programming that introduces China’s deep culture to young explorers through fun activities such as calligraphy, Mandarin lessons, crafts and games.

A&K's Yangtze River Highlights

Yangtze River

Abercrombie & Kent's cruise along the tranquil Yangtze River reveals China's most inspiring landscapes and people. Thanks to our long-standing presence in the region - and the expertise of our knowledgeable guides - discover the region's iconic sites and hidden treasures inaccessible to the ordinary traveller:

Privileged Access


Begin or end your cruise in Chongqing, the gateway to China’s southwest frontier. Visit the Stilwell Museum for a look inside 1940s China, when U.S. and Chinese soldiers fought together against a common enemy.

Finest Local Guides ad Incomporable Tour Director

Shennong Stream

Discover crystalline waters, verdant forests and stunning gorges during an excursion up this picturesque shallow stream by traditional sampan, rowed by expert Tujia boatmen.

Luxury in the Skies


In this river town – one of the rural villages that ‘Yangzi Explorer’ visits during the cruise – meet villagers and glimpse everyday life in the heart of China’s countryside.

Exclusive Travelling Bell Boy

Xiling Gorge

The longest of the gorges, Xiling is remarkable for the many smaller gorges and canyons that dot its banks. Contemplate this enchanting scenic passage that marks the beginning or end of your journey.

One-of-a-Kind Accommodations

Qutang Gorge

View the shortest and narrowest of the famed Three Gorges, where the currents of history and the breathtaking power of nature meet. Qutang Gorge is famous for its roiling waters and climbing cliffs.

Fine Dining & Entertainment

Three Gorges Dam Project

Near the middle of the Xiling Gorge is the largest construction project ever undertaken. Discover this feat of engineering as you sail through the locks of a damn that stretches over 7,600 feet across the river.

One-of-a-Kind Accommodations

Wu Gorge

Marvel at the majestic peaks crowned by lush forests of the Wu Gorge. According to legend, the celestial being Yao Ji loved this area so much that she and her 12 attendants were transformed into the graceful peaks along the river.

Fine Dining & Entertainment


Begin or end your journey at this charming city known for its delicate tea and fragrant oranges.