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Northwest Passage: From Greenland to the Bering Sea

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A Polar Bear Encounter

Meet the Natives

The Arctic is home to a surprising and extraordinary level of wildlife. Below are a few of the hardy creatures you will get to know on your visit.

Polar BearPolar Bear
Massive and magnificent, the solitary polar bear is found only in the Arctic, where it lives and hunts for seals near ice-covered waters. Well adapted to the harsh climate, this semi-aquatic bear can swim for several hours and also reach speeds of up to 25 mph on land. Rapid loss of sea ice caused by climate change posses a major threat to the species.
Walruses have been protected since 1952 in Svalbard, which unlike any other areas in the Arctic, enables guests to get an up-close viewing opportunity of these unique marine mammals. There are approximately 2,500 animals in Svalbard. These social animals are often seen in groups when searching for mussels on the sea floor or passively resting on land during moulting season. They are also commonly spotted on sea ice and ice floes.
Humpback WhaleHumpback Whale
The humpback’s distinctive features include long pectoral fins, a knobby head and formidable length (about 53 feet long). Known for breaching and slapping the water, these gentle giants feed in krill-rich polar waters during the summer months.
Ringed SealRinged Seal
The most common Arctic seal and also the smallest seal species, the ringed seal is named for the distinctive light-color ringed patterns on its coat. The main prey of the polar bear, they can remain submerged for up to 45 minutes and sometimes blow bubbles first to check for the bears.
Also known as caribou, this species of deer native to the Arctic is found in the northern reaches of North America, Europe, Asia and Greenland. It’s the only species in which both male and female have antlers; the reindeer also complete an annual, epic 600-mile summer migration.
The Atlantic puffin is found exclusively in the North Atlantic Ocean, living most of their lives at sea and known to be excellent swimmers. In summer, the puffin’s beak is red, blue and yellow and explains for the bird’s nickname as the “sea parrot;” in winter, part of the beak is shed.

Why Travel to the Arctic with Abercrombie & Kent

Where other tour operators merely take you to the Arctic, A&K brings you inside this stunning polar region. Enjoy expertly led excursions and intimate lectures by the renowned scientists and authors serving on your Expedition Team, all from aboard the best luxury expedition cruiser plying the Arctic Ocean today.

Here are more reasons why you should choose an A&K Arctic journey over the competition.

The Finest Guides in the Industry

GuidesWe employ only the most qualified professionals, including top geologists, ornithologists, historians and marine biologists. On an A&K journey to the Arctic, expect enriching lectures and exceptional guidance at every turn. In addition, our experienced Zodiac drivers are also certified field naturalists – unlike other operators, who hire just drivers – and provide knowledgeable commentary on sights and wildlife both while cruising and on land. We also feature an unbeatable guide-to-passenger ratio of 1:12, meaning countless opportunities for one-on-one time with experts.

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A Range of Itineraries and Hands-On Field Experiences

GuidesFrom glaciers and fjords to massive wildlife and remote villages, our diverse itineraries bring the Arctic’s most astounding features within reach. In addition to an epic voyage on ‘Le Boreal,’ and depending on your journey, daily excursions can include searching for polar bears on the Svalbard Islands, exploring the world-famous Husavik Whale Museum and walking Greenland’s secluded Ittoqqortoormiit village.

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The Best Way to Cruise to the Arctic Today: ‘Le Boreal’

Le BorealExpect the utmost in style and luxury when travelling on board the sturdy and sleek ‘Le Boreal’ with A&K. We limit the cruiser’s complement to 199 guests, meaning more personalized attention and a cabin with a balcony for every party. In addition, our cruises exceed the strictest environmental protocols and focus on educating and providing travellers the opportunity to participate in conservation efforts.

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Legendary A&K Service, From Start to Finish

Whale WatchingOur programs are fully A&K-operated and English-speaking, and our expedition team is hand-selected exclusively by A&K to meet our rigorous service standards. In addition, we truly take care of every detail; our all-inclusive programs include all cruise and land arrangements.

Husavik-harbor Day-by-Day Expedition Logs

As ’Le Boreal’ cruises the Arctic waters, our onboard experts send daily updates describing the extraordinary things that A&K guests see and do on an Arctic cruise. Read the Arctic Trip Logs for a day-to-day account of life near the top of the world.

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