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Meet the Wildlife of the Arctic

The Arctic's icy waters and shores are home to an astounding array of wildlife rarely found anywhere else in the world. Arctic animals speak volumes to the magic and resilience of life. From the solitary polar bear to the coat-changing Arctic fox, meet these adaptable locals.

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Polar Bear Polar Bear

This "King of the North" is found only in the Arctic, where it hunts for seals near ice-covered waters. Well adapted to the harsh climate, the semi-aquatic bear can swim for several hours.

Humpback Whale Humpback Whale

Bearing long pectoral fins, a knobby head and formidable length, humpbacks feed in polar waters during the summer months — often breaching and slapping the water in dramatic fashion.

Polar Bear
Atlantic Puffin Atlantic Puffin

Found exclusively in the North Atlantic Ocean, Atlantic puffins live most of their lives at sea. In summer, the puffin's beak is red, blue and yellow — earning it the nickname, "sea parrot."

Walrus Walrus

Cutting a truly distinctive profile, this highly social species is found near the Arctic Circle. Both males and females have tusks, often using them to hoist their gigantic bodies out of the water.

Black Guillemot Black Guillemot

Dressed in red legs, a black bill, and black and white plumage that changes with the seasons, guillemots are deep divers that feed on crustaceans and other bottom-dwellers.

Arctic Fox Arctic Fox

Finding shelter in burrows, the furry Arctic fox feeds on everything from fish to leftover polar bear meals. Its coat changes with the seasons from white to brown and black.

Musk Ox Musk Ox

Defined by sharp, sweeping horns and a dense wooly brown coat, the musk ox can withstand winter chills down to -50 degrees.

Beluga Beluga

Highly social and audibly vocal, the creamy white beluga was named the “sea canary” by early sailors. Belugas are true Arctic dwellers found across the circumpolar range.

Ringed Seal Ringed Seal

The most common Arctic seal, the ringed seal is named for the distinctive patterns on its coat. This smallest member of the seal species can remain submerged for up to 45 minutes.

Arctic Hare
Reindeer Reindeer

Also known as caribou, this Arctic native is found in the northern reaches of North America, Europe, Asia and Greenland. It’s the only deer species featuring antlered females as well as males.


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