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Past the rim of geographical discovery, we felt our way forward, scanning, scanning the radiant horizon for the secrets it might at any moment yield. Above the gray flooring a white cliff, seeming without end, slowly emerged. About 10 o'clock another monstrous ice structure tempted us. We altered course to approach it. This time, I was taken in. For a long time that gleaming dome with its sheer cliffs held a tantalizing promise.

- Admiral Richard E. Byrd
Discovery (1935)

Antarctica was just chosen by Travel + Leisure as a Trip of a Lifetime, with A&K named one of the best travel companies operating in the White Continent.

Why Travel to Antarctica with Abercrombie & Kent?

Other tour operators merely help you travel to Antarctica. We take you inside this spectacular destination with A&K-expert-led excursions; intimate lectures by noted scientists we hire solely for our Antarctica journeys; and the best adventure cruiser sailing the Southern Ocean. Here are the top reasons to choose A&K Antarctica travel over the competition.

Antarctica Cruises

Book Your 2015-16 Journey to the White Continent and Save up to $7,000 Per Cabin

Save up to $3,500 per person when you book a Category 1-3 cabin on 2015-16 Classic Antarctica or Antarctica, South Georgia & the Falkland Islands by December 31, 2014.

Unmatched Travel Experience in the Region

A&K has operated more than 150 expeditions in 25 years of Antarctica cruising. In addition, we are a 25-year active member of the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators, as well as a consultative party to the U.S. State Department at the Antarctic Treaty of Nations.

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The Finest Guides in the Industry

Antarctica Zodiac BoatWe employ only the most qualified professionals, including top geologists, ornithologists, historians and marine biologists. On an A&K journey, expect enriching lectures and exceptional guidance both on board and on shore. In addition, our experienced Zodiac drivers are also certified field naturalists — unlike our competitors, who hire just drivers — who provide knowledgeable commentary of sights and wildlife as you cruise, not just when you land. We feature an unbeatable guide-to-passenger ratio of 1:12, meaning countless opportunities for one-on-one time with experts.

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A Range of Itineraries and Hands-On Field Experiences

Antarctica Field ExpertsOur diverse selection of itineraries brings Antarctica within your reach, whatever your travel needs. From twice daily excursions to a visit to a scientific research station to close encounters with hardy wildlife, A&K brings you into the heart of this once-in-a-lifetime destination. In fact, you can start your exploration of the White Continent today.

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The Best Way to Cruise to Antarctica Today: 'Le Boreal'

Expect the utmost in style and luxury when travelling on board 'Le Boreal' with A&K. We limitAntarctica Cruise Ship the cruiser's complement to 199 guests, meaning more personalized attention and a cabin with a balcony for every party. In addition, our cruises exceed the strictest environmental protocols and focus on educating and providing travellers the opportunity to participate in conservation efforts.

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Legendary A&K Service, From Start to Finish

Antarctic Site SeeingOur programs are fully A&K-operated and English-speaking. Travel to Antarctica with our expedition team, which is hand-selected exclusively by A&K to meet our rigorous service standards. In addition, we truly take care of every detail — our all-inclusive programs include all cruise and land arrangements.

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