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Tulips, canals and art by the Old Masters are among the first things that come to mind when thinking of Holland, but its windmill-fringed waterways offer everything from medieval architecture to cosmopolitan cities and charming rural landscapes. On the Danube River, take a journey through the heart of old Europe, from Germany's Black Forest to Vienna, Budapest and intimate, charming riverside towns such as Melk, with its magnificent Benedictine Abbey and picture-perfect Dürnstein. Originating in Switzerland, the Rhine River melds legend and beauty as it flows northward to Basel and into Germany. En route, picturesque villages appear at every turn, and fairy tale castles and terraced vineyards decorate the landscape. The Main River, a tributary of the Rhine, flows through Bavaria and its neighboring states in southern Germany. With vine-clad hills and forested areas along its banks, the Main twists and turns past ancient towns and villages that are rich in medieval architecture.

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