Marco Polo Club Tour Directors Among World's Finest

The men and women accompanying Marco Polo Club Journeys are among the finest Tour Directors in the world. Knowledgeable in local culture and ecology, they are equally adept at detailed planning and spur-of-the-moment improvisation to make your journey a memorable one-of-a-kind adventure.

Karen Mac Cormick

Karen Mac CormickA former clinical nurse specialist in Wisconsin, Karen Mac Cormick married a Scot and moved to Scotland in 1989. She began guiding as a volunteer at St. Giles Church and was selected to train as a Blue Badge Guide. Karen now is a Guardian Angel and Tour Director for A&K. She also teaches Scottish history to local Edinburgh residents through walks and tours of the city and its museums.

Join Karen on Scottish Highlands & the Edinburgh Military Tattoo in 2015.

Ines Abalova

Ines AbalovaInes Abalova’s expertise in leading tours within the ex-USSR states and a keen interest in history help her to relate easily with people of other cultures. Ines proudly led the first luxury train tour of the Uzbek portion of the Silk Road, as well as the first into Kyrgyzstan. Her distinguished client list includes Henry Kissinger, Imelda Markos and HRH Princess Michael of Kent.

Join Ines on Along the Great Silk Road by Private Train in 2015.

Sue Gabbua

Sue GabbuaSue's experience as a tour guide stemmed from her interest in meeting people from all over the world in order to learn about their diverse cultures and ways of life. She began her career by taking fellow Thai travellers to Oceania, Europe and America. During her 14 years with Abercrombie & Kent, she has introduced numerous foreign travellers to Southeast Asia.

Join Sue on Legends of the East by Luxury Train: Bangkok to Singapore & Bali in 2015.

John Niva

John NivaA native of Nairobi, John Niva was schooled in different parts of the country, contributing to his adaptability, integration and leadership skills. He has 15 years of safari experience and an in-depth knowledge of African culture, East African wildlife, conservation and plant life. John’s passion is working with and supporting deprived children through sports. He also assists one of Kenya’s best soccer teams.

Join John on Uganda: Gorillas & Beyond in 2015.

Marcella Granatiere

Marcella GranatiereA true carioca, Rio–born Marcella Granatiere is a passionate enthusiast of Brazil. She has been a local guide in Rio de Janeiro and a Tour Director throughout Brazil and South America since 1994, and commands an expert knowledge of different cultures, architecture, poetry, art and history.

Join Marcella on Brazil: Rainforests to Rio in 2015.

Marianna Kiseleva

Marianna KiselevaBorn in Moscow in the Soviet years, Marianna has lived through all the new transformations of Russia. A graduate of the Moscow university, she speaks two foreign languages and is interested in history, literature, music, arts, sports and travel. She has worked as a Tour Director with A&K since 1998. Marianna is treasured by her guests as a knowledgeable and personable guide, open to any discussion and having a good sense of humor.

Join Marianna on Russia: From Red Square to White Nights in 2015.

Leon Dario Pardo Rojas

Leon Dario Pardo RojasBased in Bogota, Columbia, Leon is a specialist in pre–Colombian culture. He possesses more than 12 years of experience leading visitors from around the world on tours across Columbia, most notably to Bogota, Boyaca, Los Nevados National Natural Park, the Caribbean coast of Cartagena, Santa Marta and Tayrona National Park.

Join Leon on Colombia’s Colonial Charm in 2015.

Vikram Singh

Vikram SinghA tour director and naturalist, Vikram has led many exciting A&K journeys on the Indian subcontinent and throughout the Himalayan countries. His passion for and knowledge of local art, culture and wildlife are contagious. Vikram describes Marco Polo Club members as among his favorite travellers to guide: "They always ask interesting questions, so it's a fun challenge for me to lead them."

Join Vikram on India: Lions, Tigers & the Taj Mahal in 2015.

Gerald Hatherly

Gerald HatherlyBorn and raised in Canada, Gerald Hatherly has been the China Specialist for Abercrombie & Kent since 1986. Gerald studied Chinese at two universities in Taiwan, and later worked as a translator on the publication, Sinorama, for the Government Information Office (GIO). From his home in Hong Kong, Gerald travels half the year to hone his expertise and connections, in both China's busiest cities and its most remote locales. He was named Condé Nast Traveler’s top travel specialist for China in 2009.

Join Gerald on China’s Imperial Cities in 2015.

Marco Tonoli

Marco TonoliAfter completing his education, Marco spent several years working, living and travelling throughout Southern Africa, the Middle East and Europe. With a keen interest in people and cultures, Marco now leads tours through Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and South Africa, providing guests with a deeper understanding of the diverse habitats of Southern Africa.

Join Marco on Namibia & Botswana: Dunes, Delta & the Kalahari in 2015.


VivekanandSpecializing in tours in northern India, Vivekanand shows travellers a vibrant side of the destinations that leave them spellbound. With 10 years of experience in the travel industry, a unique sense of humor and an innate pride in his homeland, Vivekanand has received rave reviews from his guests and peers.

Join Vivekanand on India by Private Jet in 2015.

Narpat Singh

Narpat SinghSince 1981, Narpat Singh, who lives in Udaipur, has travelled the length and breadth of India and Nepal, showing guests the wonders of both countries. Specializing in Indian culture, history and religion, Narpat promises to offer a life-changing experience to his guests. Besides working as a tour guide, Narpat is interested in gardening and archaeology and has taken VIP guests on a Mughal garden tour.

Join Narpat on Sri Lanka & the South of India: Serenity & Spices in 2015.

Bhawani Singh

Bhawani SinghBhawani Singh has a post-graduate degree in history, as well as in-depth knowledge of India and an intense fondness for his country. Armed with those attributes and many years of experience in the travel industry, Bhawani is an ideal ambassador of the physical and cultural diversity that is India. His pleasant manner and ready smile help Bhawani to handle anything that comes his way. One of A&K’s most sought-after tour guides, Bhawani has successfully handled many prestigious groups.

Join Bhawani on India: Royal Palaces & a Luxury Train in 2015.

Ganbaatar Tserendorj

Ganbaatar TserendorjWith an MBA in tourism, Ganbaatar Tserendorj has 10 years of experience as a tour guide and translator, leading trekking, cultural and group tours, among others. He has eight years of experience teaching English and organized tour guide courses from 2005 to 2008. In his free time, Ganbaatar enjoys scuba diving and playing tennis and basketball.

Join Ganbaatar on Mongolia: Naadam Festival & the Gobi Desert in 2015.

Prabin Lakhe

Prabin LakhePrabin Lakhe has more than 14 years of travel industry experience and has led trips throughout Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, India and Thailand. After earning a business degree, Prabin began working as a tour manager and guide. His deep understanding of the history and culture of the region as well as his eagerness to share this knowledge with visitors enriches every journey he leads. Prabin’s affable demeanor and enthusiasm help him deal with anything that comes his way. Besides his extensive travels in Asia, Prabin has travelled to Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain and Italy.

Join Prabin on Tibet, Nepal & Everest: Across the Himalaya in 2015.

Sofian Twaissi

Sofian TwaissiSofian Twaissi, a native of Jordan who grew up in the Bedouin culture, has been a guide for over 15 years and with A&K for the last decade, escorting a multitude of clients as well as high-profile travellers. Specializing in Jordan’s biblical history, he has participated in seven archaeological digs, including one at the Baptism Site. Sofian’s expertise is recognized throughout Jordan, leading him to participate in numerous discussions and forums about this still-young industry. He is also a representative of the Seeds of Peace movement, which works to promote peace and reconciliation between the peoples of the Middle East.

Join Sofian on Jordan: In the Footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia in 2015.

Sandra Jack

Sandra JackFollowing a career as a classically trained ballet dancer, Sandra trained and qualified in 1973 as a London Blue Badge Guide in English and German. Since 1979 she has been involved with guide training both in London and abroad, and has specialized in agriculture and landscape after 10 years of touring the UK. For 30 years, Sandra has led garden tours, itineraries that emphasize the unique charm of British flora and fauna, in both Britain and Ireland.

Join Sandra on English Gardens & the Chelsea Flower Show in 2015.

Juris Berže

Sandra JackA native of Latvia, Juris is a senior project manager, historian and tourism expert, with over a decade of experience. He studied at the University of Latvia and speaks four languages. Juris is deeply interested in classical literature and music, as well as the history of art and architecture. During his 10 years of working with the Chancery of the State President, he’s had the honor to lead private tours for state presidents of Turkey, the Ukraine and Ireland, as well as the King of Belgium.

Join Juris on The Baltics & St. Petersburg in 2015.

Emanuela Spadoni

Emanuela SpadoniEmanuela was born in Rimini, a small but well-known Italian summer resort on the Adriatic coast. She moved to Florence at the age of 18 to study languages and art history and later lived in London, Madrid and Paris. Emanuela is fluent in English, Spanish and French and has over 20 years of experience leading tour groups, celebrities and other distinguished guests throughout Europe. Her wide range of knowledge, enthusiasm and love for her native Italy make Emanuela the consummate Tour Director.

Join Emanuela on Tuscany & Umbria in 2015.

Victor Pulisci

Victor PulisciBorn into an Italian/Peruvian family, Victor Pulisci speaks fluent Spanish, English, German and Italian. As a student at Lima University, Victor enjoyed backpacking along the Andes range of Peru and Bolivia with his friends. He spent 10 years in the management side of tourism before guiding tours full time. Victor has been escorting groups in Peru and South America since 1992 and is a keen naturalist who loves Paracas on the coast and the Amazon jungle. When looking for a break from the natural world, Victor enjoys Formula 1 racing.

Join Victor on Peru, Bolivia & the Atacama: Across the Andes in 2015.