A Journey for Every Traveller

Making your private journey your own.

Every traveller is unique...so why shouldn’t the same be true of every journey? While there are as many ways to travel as there are places to visit, here are a few suggestions for making your custom private journey truly your own.

Inspiring Experiences<sup>®</sup>

Your Journey, Your Interests: Theme Travel

Travel is about much more than the destinations you visit, and perhaps the greatest advantage of custom private travel is the ability to craft a journey around what interests you most. If you love culture and fine art, your Travel Consultant can create an itinerary chock–full of museum visits and local music performances; if you’re not a museum person, we can organize a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking or cycling; or if you just like to relax, we can find you a resort with a sparkling pool and inviting lounger. And if you’re travelling as a couple, we work with you to fashion a trip filled with your ideal activities for two.

Itinerary Crafted By Experts

Family Journeys: Inspiration for Every Generation

Tailor Made travel offers many advantages that particularly benefit the family. For one, there is the simple freedom to travel solely on your own schedule, free of conflicts with school or work. A Tailor Made journey also offers the chance to ensure every family member has an unforgettable experience, and A&K has decades of practice in creating itineraries that appeal to all generations.

Days of Discovery and Fun

Celebrate with Travel

Renew your wedding vows with a Hindu priest in the Shiva Temple in Jaipur; fly kites with the whole family from the ramparts of the Great Wall; or birthday–shop ’til you drop in the finest European boutiques, accompanied by your personal fashion consultant. Whatever the occasion, a custom Abercrombie & Kent Celebrations journey is the perfect way to commemorate it. Talk to one of our Travel Consultants, and see how easily your dream celebration can become reality.