Creating Your Journey

journey for every traveller

A Journey for Every Traveller

Learn how to make your custom private journey truly your own.

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What Kind of Traveller Are You?

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Tailor Made private travel allows you to experience the world entirely on your own terms: where to visit, when to go, and what to do when you get there. A&K’s Luxury Tailor Made Travel brochure is designed to help you create that personalized trip of a lifetime. Get to know each inspiring destination, and then take your pick from an array of inspiring ways to get there.

Destination Guides

Luxury Tailor Made Travel is like a virtual tour guide — the next–best thing to having an A&K expert sitting across from you. Each Destination Guide walks you through the must–see places in a particular region, as well as some sites not necessarily on every traveller’s radar, but which our experts have highlighted for their distinctive character. A map clearly indicates each location, allowing you to begin sketching your Tailor Made itinerary as you read. We even note how many days we recommend to experience each site to the fullest.

Once you’ve assembled a rough idea of where you want to go, it’s time to consider your options. A&K makes private travel planning easy with two convenient ways to build your itinerary.

Tailor Made Routes

As you read about each region, you will notice brief sample itineraries near the end of each section. These Tailor Made Routes are provided by A&K experts as a framework for you to build upon in constructing your own private journey. Locations in the itinerary are described in the Destination Guide, allowing you to quickly gauge which proposed journey suits your needs. Working from these recommendations, you can consult an A&K specialist or your travel professional to begin the detailed planning of your perfect Tailor Made journey.

What kind of Tailor Made journey is right for you? Click here to learn how to customize your journey to make it truly your own.

How Do I Create My Tailor Made Journey?

  1. Call Abercrombie & Kent at 800 433 8410, submit a request online or contact your travel professional.
  2. An A&K Travel Consultant works with you or your travel professional to find out what you’re looking for in a custom journey. This may include:
    • Where you want to go
    • How many people you plan to travel with
    • A birthday, anniversary or other special occasion you may be celebrating on your trip
    • How much sightseeing you like to do versus time to relax and unwind
    • Any interests you like to pursue while travelling, such as cooking, viticulture, architecture, history or shopping
    • How long you want to travel, and what your budget is
  3. An A&K Travel Consultant then provides you or your travel professional a proposed itinerary and price, usually within 24 hours of your conversation.
  4. You or your travel professional work with your consultant to refine your Tailor Made journey so that it perfectly reflects your interests, allotted time and budget.
  5. You or your travel professional book your final itinerary. From this point,
    start packing – you are free to look forward to your one–of–a–kind adventure!

Signature Series

‘I’ve never been here before. What are the best places to visit?’ So many travellers have asked us this that we created the Signature Series: the ideal independent itinerary, featuring A&K’s recommended must–sees at each destination.

Signature journeys feature the best hotels from A&K’s portfolio of luxury properties; Silver and Gold options on most journeys let you choose between four– and five–star accommodations. Best of all, Signature Series programs are priced and ready to book with a single phone call, leaving all of the planning and decision–making with us — you just choose when you want to go.