journey for every traveller

A Journey for Every Traveller

Learn how to make your custom private journey truly your own.

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Luxury Tailor Made Travel

Abercrombie & Kent pioneered luxury Tailor Made travel, and no other company combines a worldwide presence with five decades of expertise in bringing unexpected comfort to exotic destinations.

What Is Tailor Made Travel?

Tailor Made travel is designed to take you only to the places you want to go, at a time and pace that best suits you. Unlike A&K’s small–group journeys, Tailor Made journeys are private: just you, your companion(s), and your A&K local guide, who helps you get the most out of every day of your vacation. Your itinerary is created by an A&K expert, who works with you or your travel professional to incorporate your interests when arranging sightseeing and activities.

Planning Your Journey

A World of Expertise: Planning Your Journey

When it comes to planning a journey that is just right for you, there is no substitute for working alongside an expert — and A&K has hundreds, in North America and around the world. Whereas other travel companies rely on third–party guides and suppliers, A&K maintains 50 offices worldwide, whose experts work tirelessly so that every aspect of your journey meets Abercrombie & Kent’s rigorous standards of quality and service.

The process begins with a phone call or email: simply tell us where you are thinking of going, and what you might like to do when you arrive. Your A&K Travel Consultant then works directly with you or your travel professional to learn your needs and preferences, eventually presenting you with a Tailor Made itinerary that you refine and perfect together. Along the way, your specialist answers all your questions and suggests options you may not even have considered. From the restaurants you dine in to the luxury hotels where each memorable day ends, A&K recommends the right choice for you, every step of the way.

A&K’s Local Experts

Always at Your Side: A&K’s Local Experts

You’ve planned your journey and you’re ready to go – and A&K is there with you. Accompanying you on your independent journey are our renowned local guides: lifelong experts in your destination who know the ins and outs of every stop on your itinerary. And of course, we include time at leisure to allow you to relax and explore on your own. Beyond your tour guides, your journey is supported by a host of dedicated A&K personnel who you may encounter briefly or never meet at all, from the representative who greets you at the airport (your transfers are always included) to the staff members behind the scenes who make your journey run without a hitch.

Unmatched Insider Access

The Finishing Touches: Unmatched Insider Access

Thanks to our local ties, your private journey can include access to people and sites far beyond the reach of the average traveller. We can take you into parts of the Forbidden City still forbidden to most travellers; admit you to the Hagia Sophia before it opens to the public; or spice up your safari with a private visit with paleontologist Dr. Richard Leakey. Wherever you travel, A&K helps you discover your destination in unmatched authenticity and style.

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