Video: Marvel at the Great Migration During an African Safari in Kenya and Tanzania

Witness the spectacle of the Great Migration during a luxury travel safari to Kenya and Tanzania, keeping watch for East Africa’s abundant wildlife on game drives through the region’s most stunning parks and reserves. Meet with a Maasai elder and visit a Tanzanian village for authentic insight into daily life. Then, each evening, settle in to boutique camp and luxury lodge accommodations in the heart of the action.

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5 Amazing Family Adventures to Celebrate National Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day

September 13, 2015, marks National Grandparents Day and the chance to honor some of the most important people in our lives. The best way to celebrate? Give the gift of family travel with one of these five A&K Family Journeys, perfect for delivering all-ages family adventure and lasting memories in the world’s best destinations.

1. Spot “Big Five” Wildlife on an African Safari

TRIP TO BOOK: Family Tanzania Safari (8 days) or Family Kenya Safari (9 days)

WHY GRANDPARENTS LOVE IT: Electronics and gadgets be gone! In the African bush, all ages are completely captivated by extraordinary wildlife, prehistoric craters and the tribes that protect it. Stays in luxurious camps and safaris led by Resident Tour Directors in A&K-owned vehicles mean jaw-dropping sights in total safety and comfort.

WHAT’S IN IT FOR KIDS: Seeing lions, elephants and the rest of the Big Five in their own wild environments; adventures like market scavenger hunts; meetings with local tribesmen; and visits to animal sanctuaries. Continue Reading ›

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Video: A Family, a Camera and One Amazing Tanzania Safari

On an A&K safari in Tanzania, one family handed off the video camera to their two young boys, who came back with this fun montage of Africa.

Shot on location during their luxury Tanzania safari, Toby (age 13) and Jake (age 12) took family vacation video-making into their own hands and captured everything from big cats to luxury tented camps — even the mind-blowing knowledge of A&K Resident Tour Directors (read: coolest teachers ever).

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Five Truths Spotted on Safari

Five Truths Spotted on Safari

Bill Family at SwalaGuest post by Andy Bill, A&K Traveler

This June my wife, Laura, and I took our two boys on an A&K Safari in Style, during which we would stay in luxury camps and visit the three main parks in Tanzania. Like all expectant African explorers, we knew about the “Big Five” (lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo and elephant) and a small part of me — the unreasonable, waiting-by-the-water-cooler-wanting-to-brag part — was ready to grade the trip on how many of these animal celebrities we saw. It turned out we saw all five, effortlessly and in multiples, almost as if they were waiting patiently for us to arrive. But it turns out our safari was not about what we saw so much as what we learned along the way.

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CNN’s Brooke Baldwin: “10 Things I Learned on Kilimanjaro”

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin: 10 Things I Learned on Kilimanjaro

CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin experienced the gamut of emotions — from laughter and exhilaration to tears and despair — during her climb up Africa’s fabled Mount Kilimanjaro with Abercrombie & Kent. It was “the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” she said of summiting the tallest freestanding mountain in the world, a “life-changing experience” that helped her realize, “What’s most memorable to me won’t be tromping through the snows of Kilimanjaro and reaching the peak. No, when I close my eyes and think of my seven days on Kili: It’s singing. It’s Dismass [my A&K guide]. It’s the breathtaking views of stars overhead. As tough as it is for this goal-driven CNN anchor to admit, it really is about the journey.” Brook wrote about the ten key lessons she took away from that journey in a story published on It’s a worthwhile read for anyone contemplating the momentous climb up Kilimanjaro.

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