Been There. Haven’t Done That.

Amalfi Coast
Get a closer look at three frequently overlooked destinations hiding in plain sight

“Been there. Done that.” It’s a popular refrain among seasoned travellers looking for their next big adventure. If this sounds like you, the answer may lie with a closer look at a country you’ve already visited. While you may have already been to Italy, Australia or China, three of their lesser-frequented destinations make them well worth the return trip.

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Tantalizing Foods of Italy

Italy’s culinary delights draw food enthusiasts in search of hands-on, edible adventures.

There are few places where food is more celebrated, more deeply rooted in the cultural experience, than in Italy. Hyper-regional and made with amore, this cherished fare reveals much about Italy’s landscapes and those who inhabit them, whether it’s Umbria’s tagliatelle with truffles, fresh-plucked seafood from the coast or rugged Abruzzo’s rib-sticking lamb with egg and cheese. Continue Reading ›

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Why Should 007 Have All the Fun? Visit Exotic James Bond Movie Locations with A&K

Daniel Craig as James Bond, 007, in Spectre

Rome, Italy

In what may well be Daniel Craig’s last outing as indestructible super spy James Bond, Spectre opens worldwide this month, offering movie goers the usual irresistible Bond recipe of fast cars, high-tech gadgets, diabolical super villains, gorgeous ladies and inimitable derring-do from agent 007.

Like all 23 series entries before it, Spectre presents a cinematic travelogue of some of the world’s most exotic and intriguing locales, starting in Rome, Italy, home to such iconic sites as the Sistine Chapel, the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain. Continue Reading ›

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Some of the Most Haunted Places in the World

Haunted Places Around the World

The Halloween season is upon us, and with it comes the chance to explore some of the world’s creepiest haunted sites in distant destinations. Hidden in plain view, it turns out some are more gruesome than you’d think.

Mary King’s Close, Edinburgh, Scotland

Mary King’s Close, Edinburgh, ScotlandSituated in Edinburgh’s Old Town, mysterious Mary King’s Close (“street of sorrows”) is a warren of streets hidden beneath the Royal Mile. According to urban legends, hauntings resulted after plague victims were quarantined and built into the walls or left to die in the close. Now a commercial tourist attraction, the close offers a glimpse into Edinburgh’s past from the 16th to 19th centuries. Continue Reading ›

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The Dallas Morning News Recommends This A&K “Dream Tour of Italy”

Dallas Morning News Recommends This “Dream Tour of Italy”

Janet Thomas of The Dallas Morning News says her version of a fantasy Italian vacation means no driving, no logistics and no need to master the language. “What a luxury it is to simply show up, rest and be immersed in nothing but the joys of enchanting Italy,” she wrote of her recent European travel experience from Capri to Venice on A&K’s Connections Italy: South to North. Thomas calls it the ultimate trip to Italy, one that “is anything but typical and everything extraordinary.”

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5 Amazing Family Adventures to Celebrate National Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day

September 13, 2015, marks National Grandparents Day and the chance to honor some of the most important people in our lives. The best way to celebrate? Give the gift of family travel with one of these five A&K Family Journeys, perfect for delivering all-ages family adventure and lasting memories in the world’s best destinations.

1. Spot “Big Five” Wildlife on an African Safari

TRIP TO BOOK: Family Tanzania Safari (8 days) or Family Kenya Safari (9 days)

WHY GRANDPARENTS LOVE IT: Electronics and gadgets be gone! In the African bush, all ages are completely captivated by extraordinary wildlife, prehistoric craters and the tribes that protect it. Stays in luxurious camps and safaris led by Resident Tour Directors in A&K-owned vehicles mean jaw-dropping sights in total safety and comfort.

WHAT’S IN IT FOR KIDS: Seeing lions, elephants and the rest of the Big Five in their own wild environments; adventures like market scavenger hunts; meetings with local tribesmen; and visits to animal sanctuaries. Continue Reading ›

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Coffee Around the World

Coffee Around the World

Coffee Around the WorldCoffee’s reputation as a pick-me-up, coupled with its important role in our social and culinary lives, has ensured its coveted status across continents and cultures through the ages. Today, coffee cultivation, production and enjoyment are a deeply engrained in many cultures.

Each region has its own distinct coffee type or traditions, and you can experience many firsthand in Turkey, Italy or throughout Europe, not to mention Africa and South America. Delve further to learn about these cups of joe in store.

In Turkey, It’s About Style

“Turkish coffee” is less about origin and more about the style of preparation, which involves grinding beans into a very fine powder and boiling them over moderate heat in a small brass pot called a cezve — usually with sugar and sometimes with cardamom. The coffee is ready when it rises, bubbles, all-but-overflows and the grounds settle. Sipping the result is an experience no A&K guest should miss. Continue Reading ›

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Avoid the Crowds in Italy This Summer with These Insider Tips

Avoid the Crowds in Italy This Summer with These Insider Tips

While a drop in the Euro means a better exchange rate for you, it also means more Americans will be flocking to Italy this summer. We asked Liam Dunch, A&K’s Product Manager for Europe, for some of the insider info A&K’s local experts use to ensure our guests have a great experience in Italy.

  •  Steer clear of state museums like the Uffizi and Accademia on Tuesdays. There is always a backup of tourists from the weekly museum closures on Mondays. By the same logic, it’s best to avoid the Vatican on Monday since it’s closed on Sunday.

  • Check museum websites for evening openings.  Many tourists are unaware of these time slots.

  • Avoid visiting the Vatican on a Wednesday afternoon. People often linger after the morning’s weekly Papal audience.

  • Plan your Colosseum visit for the morning to beat the influx of cruise ship guests that arrive around 11:30 a.m.

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