Step Aboard a Dahabieh for a Relaxing Egypt Cruise along the Nile River

Cruising the Nile River on A&K’s new Marco Polo Journey is a timeless Egypt travel experience, especially aboard a dahabieh  — a traditional Egyptian sailing boat rigged with lateen (triangular) sails.

In 2016, A&K invites you to step aboard Sanctuary ‘Zein Nile Chateau,’ a modern take on the dahabieh, built to international luxury standards, with four spacious cabins and two suites, and decorated with motifs inspired by Egyptian history. As one of only 12 guests per sailing, you’ll have room to roam the boat’s extensive open spaces, including its beautiful upper deck, Arabian themed sun deck and opulent dining area.


Propelled by the wind, just as ancient sailors were, relax in a quiet so complete you can hear the gentle splash of waves on the curving bow. Bask on deck, sip a cool drink and take in vistas unchanged since Cleopatra looked upon them, and then retire to fully air-conditioned cabins that all feature panoramic windows.


If you happen to book the Farouk Suite, note the influences of Egypt’s modern royal era, from a hand-woven rug to a replica letter from King Farouk and photos of his family. You’ll be in good company — Egypt’s last King, Ahmed Fuad, son of Farouk, was himself once a passenger on this graceful dahabieh, just one of many celebrities who have chartered it over the years for adventures of their own.


You are welcome to enjoy the cultured elegance of Sanctuary ‘Zein Nile Chateau’ on the Nile River cruise at the heart of our new 2016 Marco Polo Journey, Petra to the Pyramids & a Nile Yacht Cruise (14 days, from $9,895). This well-crafted itinerary also includes guaranteed entry into one of Egypt’s famous pyramids; a four-wheel-drive-vehicle excursion through Jordan’s otherworldly desert, Wadi Rum; and a visit to Petra, the rose-red city “half as old as time.” accommodation

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