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In honor of A&K's 50th Anniversary, Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy has published A Legacy of Philanthropy, a book commemorating the valuable grassroots conservation, education, community development and public health programs it supports around the world.

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Make a difference on your journey.

Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy (AKP) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving natural habitats, protecting wildlife and supporting indigenous peoples throughout the world. Working through A&K's network of local offices, AKP sponsors proven grassroots projects that benefit local communities. To note just one shining example, Bwindi Community Hospital in Uganda offers portable blood testing for HIV and has helped to reduce the mortality rate for young children in the community by 50%.

Abercrombie & Kent has tailored many small-group departures to include visits to AKP projects, allowing you to combine philanthropy with your destination’s typical sightseeing and activities. In addition, we charter an annual Climate Change expedition to Antarctica, in which A&K travellers visit a scientific research station and donate equipment used to measure the effects of climate change.

We are also happy to create a custom journey focusing on philanthropy, and to work with you on giving a gift that will forever change the lives in the community you visit. A&K travellers have donated furniture, athletic equipment, school supplies and much more, and can personally attest to the satisfaction that only comes from giving back to the people and lands that give us so much.

Learn more about the projects we support by visiting akphilanthropy.org