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Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy

Make a difference on your journey.

Philanthropy has been an integral part of Abercrombie & Kent since our founding, long before we formalized our first conservation efforts in the Masai Mara 45 years ago. As A&K has expanded across the globe, so our commitment to philanthropy has grown as well. The mission of Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy (AKP) is to create longstanding partnerships with local communities that enable nature to thrive and cultures to flourish, and that leave a positive impact wherever we go. Look for the A&K Philanthropy Leaf symbol for opportunities to visit AKP-supported projects while travelling on a Connections Worldwide Group Journey.

AKP strives to bring about positive change in four key areas by supporting projects such as these:


AKP’s Cambodia Clean Water Project provides rural communities with access to clean, bacteria-free water in Cambodia, where waterborne illnesses are responsible for more than half of all deaths.


Bwindi Nursing School in Uganda is a crucial step in improving the well-being of one of the country's poorest regions by educating and empowering local men and women to put their energy to use serving their community.


AKP actively supports Nakatindi Village and School in Zambia, to improve life for everyone - especially vulnerable children - and develop ways for the local school and community to become self-sustainable.


Antarctica is one of the world's most inspiring - and fragile - ecosystems. To preserve this pristine destination, AKP partnered with South Georgia Heritage Trust, an organization working to eradicate invasive species and restore this island to its former status as one of the world's most important seabird sites.

We encourage our guests to learn more about the projects we support and how they can contribute themselves. Visit akphilanthropy.org for more information.

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